Beauty haul

Yesterday I bought a few beauty items in town, and I would love to show them to you! It's just a small beauty haul, but I thought it would be interesting for you guys. I love every single thing I got! Hopefully you'll enjoy this post :) Love you!

Meet my love ♥

Hey guuuys!! Today I would like to show an amazing brand to you and you've probably heard of it before (you MUST have heard of it before). It's... Essie! You know those beautiful nails in advertisements, with such cool colors and an amazing coverage? That's the exact description of what I call Essie. I recently descovered this brand and it's the best! I have a lot of nail polishes and normally I don't spend 10 euro's on my nail polish, but Essie changed everything! A week ago I bought myself the color Mint Candy Apple (which is a beautiful pastel color btw) and I loved it. I also got 2 Essie nail polishes for my birthday from a couple of friends and I am going to show you the review below. I hope you guys like it! Please leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite color of Essie nail polish is :) I'd love to hear!

Trending || Ombre Lipstick


 One very easy and lovely beauty trend for summertime is ombre lips. Since I am a sort of lipstick addict, I always keep on looking for perfect lipsticks. I found out about this great look lately and I want to share it so bad with you guys! So,.. if you want to know how to create ombre lips and if you want to see some of my lipstick combinations I use for ombre lips: click read more! I hope you'll like it :)

How to get the real spring/summer feeling!

Even though you know it's spring and summer is getting closer, the weather might not always look like that. Here, for example, it was snowing (a little bit) today. You might consider the beautiful weather to be gone or something and you want to sit on the couch, depressed, because the weather is cold and dark. BUT THERE IS HOPE. After this post you will feel happy and you will be totally ready for summertime! Yeay!

I decided to do a spring series on my blog, just to get into the mood. I planned some tutorials, video's, outfit posts and lots of fashion and beauty news.

New iPhone 5

Hey guys, I just received my new iPhone 5 and I am so happy with it! My previous phone was the Samsung Galaxy S and I loved it, but the white iPhone is just so beautiful! I almost got used to it directly and I think the iPhone has many advantages. It's faster and until now it didn't crash. I only don't know which apps I should download. Do you know any nice apps which are in the app store? Let me know! Love you XOXO

Birthday presents

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday together with a friend for a few of my other friends and it was very very nice and everyone was happy! I really had a good time with them (as always) and I would love to show you the birthday presents they gave.

You can see all the jewelry I got on the picture above. I think the three rings look so adorable together and I love the necklace. Leave a comment below and tell me which picture I have to put into it :)

OMG, I am soooo happy with these two essie nail polishes! I recently bought an essie nail polish for the first time and gosh,.. it's truly amazing! All their colors look so so good and it stays on your nails for a very long time. I wouldn't buy such a nail polish myself since they are quit expensive so that's why I am soo happy that I got these two beautiful colors (cute as a button and leading lady). 

Yeay, I got a lipstick of Rimmel London from the Kate Moss collection! It's in the color 101 and it's a very beautiful pinkisch color what I loveee :D

I hope you liked this post and feel free to tell me if you would like to see a review of any of these products. I hope to see you next time on my blog! Bye ♥♥♥

My love for...

Eventhough Alexander McQueen's designs are haute couture, not wearable, I love his style and sense for fashion so so much! The desings are pure perfection and I can spend hours looking at those shows. I decided to do a little post to tell you what I love about the latest designs which were showed at Paris Fashion Week. I really hope you enjoy!

Updated wishlist Chicnova

Remember this outfit post? I was wearing my heart top from Chicnova. I still wear it very often because I love hearts, but that ain't the point of this post ;-) I would love to show you my updated wishlist from Chicnova! They have the most beautiful clothes in all price ranks. Their webshop is very clear and they sell gorgeous pieces!

The first item on my wishlist are these gorgeous pants, I love the fabric so so much and the color is very nice. It's pink and red and blue and yellow and black and especially fashionable! I would love to combine these pants with this denim jacket, this necklace and those amazing shoes! I truly want such shoes for a very long time already. For an occasion which is a little bit more classy and chic, this pair of shorts with golden details or this little black dress would do really good. What I adore about this necklace btw, are the triangles, the golden details and the perfect print.

What do you think of my wishlist? Which item do you like the most? Or is there another item you love from Chicnova? Let me know! :)

My favorite make-up palette

Today I would like to share my opinion about the Metal Mania Palette from Coastal Scents. I recently bought it on Amazon and I believe this palette is so handy and awesome! It has 88 different colors. This palette mainly has pink and earth tints which I think is beautiful. Almost every color on this palette has a nice glow and I think this eye shadow palette is totally adorable! Click read more to open the palette and see what's inside :)

February favorites || VIDEO

A month ago I posted for the first time a favorites video. It were my January favorites. I thought it would be nice to post another video for you guys. This time it are my February favorites :) I hope you like the video and please let me know what you think. Love, Anna

Perfect Lace

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
Hey everybody! How are you? I hope the sun is shining where you live. I live in the Netherlands and after quite a cold week the whether suddenly was brilliant today :) I love it so much when the sun is shining and when it is getting warmer. To get you into the spring mood, I will only talk about spring themed things the comming weeks. Today I will talk about an amazing and adorable trend: lace! Last year it was starting to trend and this year everything is going to be lace and I am totally OK with that!

Lace is 'descovered' in the late 15th century and it was used as fashion as well as to decorate rooms. Right now it has become popular again. I totally adore lace because it looks like you wear multiple layers of clothes but it actually is very light and also very feminine. According to my opinion you can make every outfit girly just by adding a lace item.

On the picture below you can see how to combine you lace. As you can see you can create many different styles with lace. The first outfit is the more casual outfit, but the necklace gives it a little bit of a girly swing. Combine your lace with a skirt and some killer heels for the perfect girly evening outfit. You want a rock chick style? Go for the last combination. Combine it with some cool boots with studs, a (fake) leather jacket and an old pair of rough looking shorts.

I do not own a lot of lace items yet, but I planned to get some more lace items for this spring and summer. Maybe I will buy some from forever21 (see picture on top), oasap or topshop. What do you think of lace and do you own many lace garments?

Owl you need is...

owl necklace
 Heeeeey everybody!! Finally I'm here with another outfit post. I know it has been a while since my latest outfit post but lots more are comming soon! I got this cute owl necklace from Kenzaa the other day.. and I love it so so much! I created an outfit with the necklace and I hope you like it :) Click read more to see a bunch of pictures of my whole outfit!