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Hey guuuys!! Today I would like to show an amazing brand to you and you've probably heard of it before (you MUST have heard of it before). It's... Essie! You know those beautiful nails in advertisements, with such cool colors and an amazing coverage? That's the exact description of what I call Essie. I recently descovered this brand and it's the best! I have a lot of nail polishes and normally I don't spend 10 euro's on my nail polish, but Essie changed everything! A week ago I bought myself the color Mint Candy Apple (which is a beautiful pastel color btw) and I loved it. I also got 2 Essie nail polishes for my birthday from a couple of friends and I am going to show you the review below. I hope you guys like it! Please leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite color of Essie nail polish is :) I'd love to hear!

In this review I will show you the pictures of two different colors: Leading Lady (purple with glitters) and Cute As A Button (coral). I like both colors very much, but for spring and summer I think I will wear the coral color the most because it's a very bright and happy color. The purple color reminds me of more chic occasions like having dinner, or something else where you wanna look chic.

Even though I will be pleased after only one layer, you'll get the best coverage when you apply 2 layers, which is very handy if you don't have a lot of time. They also dry pretty fast.

Cute as a button

The first nail polish is a little bit more coral than I first expected (I thought it would be more pink), but I love the color! It doesn't even need a top coat since the polish itself has a lot of shine. It stays on your nails for 5 days, which is very long! I give this nail polish definitely a + !

Leading Lady


I expected this nail polish to be very sheer, more as a top coat actually. When I tried it on I was like; wow! I didn't expect this one to be so covering :) After 1 coat it is actually enough, but to make it impossible to see-through you'll have to apply a second coat as well. I love this color so much! It has a lot of beautiful glitters in it :)

I hope you liked the review and let me know what your favorite nail polish color is for spring and summer! I'll talk to you guys soon :D LOVEYOU

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