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At December the 1st I will start my christmas series! I still need your help! Please mail anything inspirational to It can be anything! Some inspiration: your favorites,  pictures of your favorite christmas food, drinks, clothes, accessories, garden, dog, hat, scarf, nail polish, watch, tree and ... think of it and it's all the best! Be as original as possible! You will be featured on my blog and when you have a blog, make sure you leave it there to, I will definately want to mention it in my post. :) You can also mail your request for a post to me at you are always welcome! 

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Here is some christmas inspiration to get you into the mooooood :) See you later!
*these pictures are all from 

The amazing dress || OUTFIT

Hello beauties! Today I would love to show you my amazing lace dress from h&m. It was love on first sight :) You rember this post? I was forgotten my debit card while I wanted to pay for an amazing dress at h&m.... It is already a while ago, but that is the dress I am wearing now. When I saw this dress in the shop in Amsterdam, I just had to buy it. Do you recognize the feeling that you really need to buy something? I definately do, unfortunately I don't have all the money in the world to buy everything I see and want. I think this dress makes up for that feeling pretty well :) It's just the bomb dot com.

Inspiration *good times*

Today I have some inspiration pictures for you which inspire me in someway. The picture above inspires me for my room. I definitely want an iMac and I definitely want a wall full of Instagram pictures. I promise, if you click read more, you won't be dissappointed, no, you will be inspired :) Have a nice day guys! I would also like to know what inspires you, so leave a comment below and tell me your best inspiration!

Christmas stars || OUTFIT

Hey guys! It has been a while that I did an outfit post, but every time I get home from school, it's very dark outside so we can't take some good pictures. This shoot is kind of based on christmas because I'm totally into that mood :) I wear my scarf, which I received from Vivi-Clothes  this week. The scarf is so warm and it really gives me that cozy Christmas feeling! I totally fell in love with this scarf because I love stars and scarves like these. Thank you Vivi-Clothes! Click read more to see more pictures :)

Vivi-clothes || GIVE AWAY (CLOSED)

My previous give away just ended and right now I already have a brand new give away for you guys in cooperation with You can win a pair of these (see picture above) very cute smiley earrings! You can choose which color you like (if you win) and the give away is open international! It doesn't matter where in this world you live, everyone can join. Click read more to see how you can join!

New finds

Here are a couple of amazing shirts, which I love in winter time. They are all from a webshop with wholesale womens clothing and I think these shirts are my favorites. I love that all of these shirts above are a little bit different from other shirts, but they are still warm and comfy. I love tiger and leopard print when it's not too much and that's why I think this shirt on the left is really cute with the heart shape! The one in the middle looks so nice because of the (GLITTER!!) sequins at the top in a kind of aztec printed format. I also like it when the chest box is being colored in in a contrasting color compared to the shirt. I also love the baseball feeling I get from the contrast colored sleeves. Please let me know which one is your favorite! Click on the links if you want to see more fashion wholesale, taiwan fashion at wholesale price and wholesale dresses.

I totally love the new collection from They have a lot of things with black and white which I totally admire! Especially the pants with the stripes is a real must have for me. What do you think of their collection? Do you like black and white? Feel free to leave a comment below :)


Today (actually 1 minute ago) I deceided to do a random favorites post each month! It's because everyone has his or her own favorites and I have mine and I thought it would be so nice if we could share these with each other! Your favorites can be anything; your puppy, dress, clock, nail polish, commercial... anything! In this post I will show you my favourites of this month. In the next post I would like to feature some of your favorites which I like to, isn't it an amazing idea?! I know: I'm a genius! (just joking hehe) It can be soo much fun to have a kind of random post each month! You can send your picture of your favorite(s) to, tweet me, FB me or just fill in the comment form above :) Please tell something with your picture so it has a meaning and maybe you'll be featured on my blog! Good luck to y'all!

Sit back, take some chocolate milk and enjoy!

Supersized.... bags!

Marc Jacobs
 Guess what you can't miss if you want your outfit to look fashionable? Of course, it's a bag! Don't be shy and do buy a supersize bag because you will rock your outfit, I swear :). I thought these bags where beautiful for a long time, but right now I also see a growing trend. I still like these bags a lot so I deceided to do a post about them. I also descovered a new brand: Fendi. When you click read more you will see some amazing bags to inspire you and my favourites. I will also show you some cheap look a like bags of Alexander Wang, D&G and Armani. I hope you enjoy!

November Wishlist

Yeay, here is my november wishlist. This time I will go for black black and, dûh, black of course! I would like to have such a statement necklace as above because you can use it to boost your outfit. I also prefer to have a cute and comfy hoodie. This month A square-shaped bag like the one above will be on top of my wishlist. I missed a leather bag for a long time. The oher bag shows that the celebration time has started. For christmas gala at school (OK, I know it's still a month away, but I can't stop thinking about it I'm SO SORRY!) I want a clutch with glitters all over it! This year I probably won't have the money to buy a new coat, so I will have to do with my coat of last year. If I had the money I would definately buy a parka because they are amazing! 

I need to attach my shoe wishlist because it's almost as big as my non-shoe wishlist. The pair above are from GUCCI!!! I fell in love with them when I visited Amsterdam (there was a Gucci shop so I was standing there. In front of the window, to salivate at these amazing heels!). OK, I must have a pair of black Dc Martens, they make every outfit look casual and they just add the final thing to it :D:D I also fell in love with the shap of the shoes above (on the right top) and that's how they ended here on my wishlist. I've seen these on several blogs and I am in love now... Finally the heels with the strange shape at the heel. They are from Steve Madden! I just have to have these for christmas gala :)

I hope you like it to see my wishlist and I'm very curious what's on your wishlist. So please leave a comment below and I'll see you later. Bye! :)


I would like to announce the winner of my give away in cooperation with Melybelle. The winner is..... Noah from Misty Rose! Congrats girl! You have won the amazing mustache necklace!

I also have some AMAZING news! I've alsways dreamed about going to a real fashion show instead of watching it online. Last saturday I was unexpected invited to visit a fashion show of Addy van den Krommenacker, a dutch designer who designes the most amazing dresses. This time he designed a whole collection in cooperation with Steps (clothing shop). When I arrived at the celebration fashionshow you received something to drink and your tickets. When  I looked to my ticket carefully I found out that I was sitting frontrow! I was so nervous and thousands of feelings where on my mind: this couldn't be real, it's a dream. But it was not a dream. It was sooooo nice and I really appreciate the person who has invited me to see this wonderful fashion show. Thank you so much! ♥♥♥♥

The show itself was adorable. The hair of the models was in the style of the 30's and the dresses where like those from princesses. I guess Addy has put a lot of efford and time in these creations because they were só perfect! I was mindblown! The materials Addy's used in this fashion show are satin, silk chiffon, organza, many sequin materials and richly embroidered lace

In this fashion show were also some dresses you could wear in multiple ways. There was a very cute men standing there to take the jackets of the lady's (the models). You could see a long dress turning into a short dress, which were both beautiful.

Addy van den Krommenacker is a dutch designer who has designed dresses which are worn my famous dutch people. He travels around to world to get inspiration. 

The Girly Girl's Life

 Inspiration pictures from about the life of girly girls. Read more to see more girly pictures :) 



Inspiration YOLO

 YOLO. Who doesn't know what it is? Todays society isn't only based on being chic and doing legal things. Life's tough and people want to make the best out of their lives because: You Only Live Once. These are inspiration pictures on that topic from I hope you like 'em!

Derek Lam - Pre

On I found a fascinating spring/summer 2013 fashion show from designer Derek Lam. I would love to share this with you because I think this ready-to-wear show is amazing!! I would definitely wear ALL of these clothes ♥♥♥ The fake fur jacket and knitwear are comfy and look cute, the heels are high and totally fit to my style, the pants are just.... WOW and when I start to speak of the fabrics which are used I get speechless. I know one thing for sure: I fell in love with designer Derek Lam! Now it's time for you guys to get a huge crush on these items. Click read more!

Fall/winter 2012 || TRENDS

Did you already check my Facebook page? If you didn't, make sure you follow it to for some exclusive fashion news (which is not be published on my blog). 

Some of you probably think I'm a real trend follower right now, but I'm not. I just look at the things I like and which are, in my opinion, beautiful. It has nothing to to with 'group pressure' or what ever you may think. 

For now, let's continue with some heart touching trends. This winter you will definately do good by wearing leather. It's all about leather and leather. I especially love the black leather the most. Continue reading to hear about some more trends!

Fall/Winter 2012 || TRENDS

In this post you will read and discover the latest trends of this season. The first one is the burgundy, duh! Did you already buy a burgundy colored jeans, scarf or shirt? This is your chance to buy something in this heart-like warm winter color! Please tell me which trend you like the most. Thank you ♥♥♥

Don't forget to ask me a couple of questions for my Q&A!

Must haves of this season || Shoes, accessories and clothing

Qua clothes and accessories you have to search for statement items this season. Go for a girly coat or pilote coat. When you choose the right accessory, your whole outfit looks good. A web shop like clothingloves has amazing items for a good price. Clothingloves has wholesale womens clothing and a lot of cheap special occasion dresses.

1. A vest like above has to be in your wardrobe, loose-fitted but still tight. This one is from clothingloves. You can buy it here.
2. Black triangle necklace (soooo cute!), it is something different than studs, a little bit softer and still looks feminine. You can buy it here.
3. Big statement necklace: me likey! This is a great must have for this season! I'm still looking for the perfect statement necklace, this one comes quite closet to my perfect statement necklace. See more details here.
4. OMG, you just can't miss the pilote coat! This one with fake fur looks so comfy and casual. I like it so much ♥♥ I don't have one yet, but I'm about to buy this one from clothingloves.

Don't forget to choose the right shoes. In winter time black boots do great. You might also like the selected shoes above. There are different trends and here you can see some of them: 

1. Don't miss out the platform shoes this season. Lithas, creepers or platform pumps always touch up your 'boring' outfit. These shoes look very good to me :)
2. These oxford shoes are so adorable and look great under every outfit!
3. Loafers, under your tights with a dress or skirt: girly! Find this shoe here.
4. Please don't forget the spiked and studded shoes! They look amazing :D You can find this shoe here.

Sneaker Wedges || OUTFIT

Hey everyone! Today I have another outfit post ready for you to view and I hope you like it. Today I did a lot of things and I was very busy but here I am, writing to you! My blog URL has changed from to and I hope you like my new name :) I think it's better because this blog is about fashion and not about movies. Anyway, click read more to see more photos of my outfit! I hope you enjoy :D OMG, I love my new sneaker wedges from Zalando. What do you think? Love, Anna

Q&A ask me anything :)

I hope you are all doing great. I have always thought about doing a question and answer post but I never came that far. Today it's your time to ask anything you want to me, it can be about my blog, or a more personal question (only ask appropriate questions please). I can't wait to answer your questions in a brand new blog post! Love, Anna