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At December the 1st I will start my christmas series! I still need your help! Please mail anything inspirational to It can be anything! Some inspiration: your favorites,  pictures of your favorite christmas food, drinks, clothes, accessories, garden, dog, hat, scarf, nail polish, watch, tree and ... think of it and it's all the best! Be as original as possible! You will be featured on my blog and when you have a blog, make sure you leave it there to, I will definately want to mention it in my post. :) You can also mail your request for a post to me at you are always welcome! 

So.... make sure you check out my blog because at december 1st I will start my online christmas series, I love you all soooo much and god bless you!

P.s. How about me doing a video this time? What would you think of it, leave a comment below if you like :)

Here is some christmas inspiration to get you into the mooooood :) See you later!
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  1. Lovley post!I like it!


  2. lovely inspirational post , honey !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: shaggy jacket & flared jeans in my look today

  3. great inspirations:)
    I want Christams^.^

  4. hmm... honsetly, i don't have any idea..
    this post is very inspiring, this photos are awesome!

  5. I can't wait to decorate the Christmas tree next week!! X

  6. Lovely pictures, andd i would love it if you would make a video :)

  7. Great post! I'd love to see posts on baking, maybe? That colour be an idea, make christmas cookies, DIY where you make chrismas stockings....


    Hope this helps you

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment :))



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