Must haves of this season || Shoes, accessories and clothing

Qua clothes and accessories you have to search for statement items this season. Go for a girly coat or pilote coat. When you choose the right accessory, your whole outfit looks good. A web shop like clothingloves has amazing items for a good price. Clothingloves has wholesale womens clothing and a lot of cheap special occasion dresses.

1. A vest like above has to be in your wardrobe, loose-fitted but still tight. This one is from clothingloves. You can buy it here.
2. Black triangle necklace (soooo cute!), it is something different than studs, a little bit softer and still looks feminine. You can buy it here.
3. Big statement necklace: me likey! This is a great must have for this season! I'm still looking for the perfect statement necklace, this one comes quite closet to my perfect statement necklace. See more details here.
4. OMG, you just can't miss the pilote coat! This one with fake fur looks so comfy and casual. I like it so much ♥♥ I don't have one yet, but I'm about to buy this one from clothingloves.

Don't forget to choose the right shoes. In winter time black boots do great. You might also like the selected shoes above. There are different trends and here you can see some of them: 

1. Don't miss out the platform shoes this season. Lithas, creepers or platform pumps always touch up your 'boring' outfit. These shoes look very good to me :)
2. These oxford shoes are so adorable and look great under every outfit!
3. Loafers, under your tights with a dress or skirt: girly! Find this shoe here.
4. Please don't forget the spiked and studded shoes! They look amazing :D You can find this shoe here.

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  1. Heel erg leuk, vooral die oxford shoes!
    Liefs, Iris

  2. Superleuk! Ik heb dus schoenen die heel erg op die oxfords lijken, zo blij mee !liefs.

  3. LOVE the jacket with the white furry lining on the inside!

  4. Love the stud shoes!!!

  5. Great picks! Love the pointy flats!

  6. Nice choices Anna! :)

    Love the blazers above. Indeed, they're a must-have! :)


  7. Love the boots!! beautiful choose! xo!

  8. Oooh, die bovenste collage! Daar wil ik dus echt alles van♥ Ik heb trouwens niets gemerkt van je interne "verhuizing", ik word gelukkig automatisch doorgestruud naar fahionanna (:
    Liefs, Manon

  9. Oee! Dat waterval-jasje is echt prachtig!
    It's a want!


  10. Love the jacket and shoes you've picked



  11. Hola guapa!!
    Eeeehhh me gusta todo ;) muy buena eleccióm.

  12. i have it all! yeah

  13. I love the blazer!!!
    Kisses from:
    I'm now following you!


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