Military Blazer || OUTFIT

 Today I wear a bag my grandmother gave me, so that means it's real vintage: how cool?! Something even more cool is this blazer and bracelet from Sans-Online. They sponsored it to me and I love it! I totally love their web shop too (they deliver only in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium). They sell products of the most adorable brands like Esprit, Pieces and Vero Moda for a good price. You can find more beautiful blazers over there too :) It's definitely worth looking. I am into the cobalt blue and military look and this blazer fits to that style really well because of the knots. The little black bracelet with a little bit of glitters in the middle is a nice detail for your outfit. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment in the comment box below :)

Forest || OUTFIT

(!) As you all know by now, I am going to change the url of this blog to The date has been set to this saturday. Please remember it to find my blog. I'm soo excited about this new name and I hope you like it too :)

I hope you all already joined my fantastic give away? It's international and you can win an awesome mustache necklace! You can join the give away here. Anyway, this is my outfit of today. I love the jacket from Mango because it's so warm. Suddenly the weather in my country changed from 23 degrees to -4 degrees. It's so cold! I still have to get used to it. It looks like it's warm because the sun is shining bright often, but it's treacherous: when you open your window in the morning, you feel the hard cold. When I went into town with my mom, she bought me a very cosy blanket. It's so adorable! I am addicted to it already :) You can see a picture of it on my Instagram. Is it also so cold where you live or is it still warm?

I would also like to show you my Halloween mask I bought this weekend. Click read more to see :) It looks so much like black swan. Tell me what you will wear this halloween in the comment box below.

Decorated glasses || DIY

Like you have already noticed my header changed to the fashionanna header. This means I am going to change from to in a very short period of time! Probably this weekend. Please remeber to find my blog! I am so excited about this new name, I hope you are too :)

Today I have a special DIY for you. I have seen many sunnies with cute little things on them, but I never tried to make one myself. I thought it would be nice to try this to my old 3D glasses from the cinema. We watched a movie in 3D and we were allowed to bring the glasses home so I did. I broke the glasses out of these glasses like a year ago to make a movie about a nerd. It's very easy to make and I think you will like this little DIY! Plus points: you can NOT fail and you can use it for Halloween!

New collection vivi-clothes

Studded blazer
First I would like to attend to on the fact that my blog url is going to change. I will change it from to When the date of change is clear I will let you know. I hope you don't mind :) You can leave any comments on this in the comment box below.

Vivi-clothes' new collection is amazing and I would love to share that with you. They have such nice items. Like you could conclude from my other posts I love vivi-clothes very much. That's why I'm going to show you some of my favourite items from their october collection. I hope you like it :)

GIVE AWAY WIN Mustache Necklace (CLOSED

I am totally into the vintage necklaces at the moment. Especially the long ones are very handy to give your outfit a fashionable boost. In cooperation with Melybelle I organized a give away and you can win this awesome mustache necklace. I like! Would you like to win this awesome mustache necklace from Melybelle? Click read more to find out how to win it! For the people who don't want to win a cool mustache necklace, or already have one, click read more too because everyone gets 25% discount on Melybelle's webshop with a special code!

Ik ben helemaal weg van vintage kettingen. Vooral die lange kettingen zijn heel handig om je outfit een extra boost te geven. In samenwerking met Melybelle heb ik een leuke winactie georganiseerd waarbij je deze supercoole snorrie ketting kunt winnen! Ik vind hem leuk, en jij? Als je deze ketting wilt winnen click op 'read more' om te zien hoe je hem kunt winnen.  Als je al zo'n ketting hebt of hem niet wilt winnen krijg je alsnog 25% korting op hun site dus genoeg redenen om op read more te klikken!

Street style

A brand new street style post for you today! Isn't it great? Everyone can be on my blog! Just send in your style (scroll all the way down to see how you can join) and be on my blog! Today I show you a very nice girl named Evy from the Netherlands. I got into contact with her some time ago and I thought it would be nice to show her style to you!

"Hi, I'm Evy Paap. Since two years I have a blog called We Love Fashion. We Love Fashion is about Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I like this outfit because it's the minimal style with leather and black.  My favourite garment is totally my new coat from Zara, it's minimal, leather strips and really fashionalbe, I love it! My style is quite basic, with much black and white. But though I like special pieces like a sun yellow top or pants with a nice print on it. I really love Alexander Wang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, they make really beautiful clothes! I like the colors black, white, grey, dark green and beige. I also love beautiful fabrics like silk, wool, cotton and leather. I wish to inspire other people with my style and blog!" She has a very nice blog, I've already seen it and I think her blog is sooo insipiring! Definitately worth looking :)

"This is the most recent outfit I wore! I like it because it's sophisticated but still rock! I am in love with statement necklaces with tees! I have two favorite garments. The first one is denim shorts (I am in love with them) and the second one is this t-shirt of The rolling stones. I don't think I can describe my style cause I love to change it! In general I could say that I like outfits that have details and unexpected combinations! My style icon at this time is definetely Miroslava Douma. I also love Olivia Palermo. I love bright colors (black, navy, burgundy) and since a tinted my hair back to brunette I started wearing again red (I used to be blonde and though that made me look pale. Had 4 years to wear red lol)! My blog is hope you enjoy."

How to join?
- Take some pictures of you wearing your favourite clothes.
- Mail your street style picture to:
- Answer the following questions:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Why do you like this outfit?
  • What is your favourite garmend?
  • Describe your style.
  • Who's your style icon?
  • Which colours of clothing do you like? (bright, dark, soft)
  • Tell something you would like me to mention with your picture. 
- If you have a blog, feel free to mention it!
That's all! So take a photo camera and start shooting, mail and be on my blog!

Smileys || Nail art

 I found something like this on youtube and I wanted to try it myself. I think this nail art is just sooo cute! I love it! That's why I made a little how to for you. I hope you like it!

A girl from London || OUTFIT

Last week monday (16th of october) I went shopping in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands with my best friend Floor. We had such a good time, unfortunately I forgot my debit card: so stupid! Luckily I had also a lot of cash money with me so I could buy some things. When I wanted to buy a very cute dress at h&m I found out I'd forgotten my debit card. At these moments I wish I am a perfectionist, but unfortunately it's hard to change such a thing about yourself. In this post you see my new jeans from New Yorker and my lace hemp from Vero Moda. I love both so much! I also bought this ring and bracelet. 

I wear the bracelet without any other bracelets on purpose. You might think why I did that, but I think it looks very expensive that way. It's not, but other people don't know that :) I totally love the color of my ring too. You could say I succeeded in Apeldoorn :) I totally love the casual, but girly look. What do you think of my outfit? 

P.s. Do you already follow my facebook page? There's comming up a whole bunch of do's and don't's about the fashion trends for this fall. Make sure you hit the like button so you don't miss it >>>>>>

Warm and comfy coats & Winner give away!

The winner of the Kenzaa skirt give away is....... Elize from the big guide! Congratulations! I hope you have some good times wearing this skirt :)

I'm looking for winter stuff at the moment and I found some very nice items on I would like to share with you. First, these gloves are too cute and too cheap. They are very warm and they cost only $2,49! It's amazing isn't it? That's only for the gloves. If you do not have a lot of money and you want to buy some freaking awesome winter items: clothingloves is the place to be! Look at these amazing coats above, they are good quality and amazingly cheap! I think I am going to buy the left coat because the shape is really nice and it's only $17,99! Which one do you like the most?

Where to buy it?
Coat 1:
Coat 2:
Coat 3:


Hey everyone!
I just downloaded the trial version of Photoshop and I love it so much! I looked up some tutorials on youtube and there were so many. You can do such nice things with Photoshop! In this post I would like to show you some things I tried and experienced with, just for fun. I hope you like it! Feel free to leave a comment telling me your favourite.

For people who don't know how to use photoshop. This guy has many useful tutorials: IceFlowStudios If you don't own photoshop, you can download a trial version too and try some things, it's worth it!

I was just trying, I know the leave should have been green. I just couldn't fix that. But hey, I'm not a pro!

Double necklace || OUTFIT

Vivi-clothes necklace
The inspiration for today's outfit was this beautiful necklace I got from vivi-clothes. They have an adorable web shop. In this post I introduced their web shop and in this post I showed you my first two items from this lovable shop. I adore this necklace because it's cute and I love the Chinese girl hanging there. I love that style so much because it's just really cute and has a lot of nice details. Another thing I really like about this necklace, is the fact that it looks like you're wearing two necklaces. I just love that look so much! Click read more to see my whole outfit and a close up view of the necklace. Please leave me a comment and say what you like about this necklace :)

Dress like your style icon!

001 I would like to remind you of the fact that, if I achieve 1000 followers with GFC before the 1st of January, I will host a gigantic international give away! You can help me to achieve that by writing on your blog about my blog, having an interview with me and asking your friends to follow me. I made a little calculation which says I need to have 4 more followers every day. Are you with me?
002 Today I have created three 'look a like' outfits of the style of Lauren Conrad, Kristen Stewart and Olivia Palermo. Which outfit do you like the most and why? Feel free to leave a comment :)
003 Thank you very much for taking a look on my blog, I love you all!

Wine red || OUTFIT

Today I visited my grandmother and grandfather and I liked it very much. My aunt and cousin were there too and it was very clubbable. When we went for a little walk we shot some outfit photos. I combined my H&M blouse with my wine red jeans from the Sting and scarf from Pieces (by Vero Moda). I also wear my favorite boots from No Stress (by Dolcis). My bag is vintage from my mother. Click read more to see some more pictures!

Floral legging || OUTFIT


Today my new legging from Romwe arrived and I couldn't wait to try them. I am in love with these leggins! I can buy something from Romwe's webshop every month (for 20$). In exchange I put the banner of Ocrun in my sidebar. I think ocrun is such a nice webshop. I wrote about it in this post. The legging is very thin, but I love the print on it so very very much. It looks chic and got style. I also wear my lovely boots from No Stress and sweather from H&M. It's so warm! What do you think of my outfit, I hope you guys like it!

Cheap and beautiful clothes

I just found a fashion webshop called Clothingloves and I totally adore it! That's why I created a little wishlist of 7 items I totally adore from their webshop. I hope you like it to! Please tell me which item you like the most of Probably I will order something at their shop because everything is so cheap! The hoodie you see above, is only 10$! Everything has a good price for you!

1. This is skirt is too cute! I like the yellow color and the belt with the bow. When you look carefully you see that it has some lace details which are so cute! / buy it here.

2. Hoodies. You just can't miss them this winter. They are comfy, warm and look sooo cute (most of the time ;-)).  This one is with a cute little dog. The text says: we are always happy and together. / buy it here.

3. I like this set of bracelets because you can combine them with almost everything. The color is very beautiful and I like the shapes. / buy it here.

4. This triangle ring with print is just.... amazing! And it´s only 3$, WOW! / buy it here.

5. OK, be fair. Who doesn´t own a two fingered ring? I don´t and I would love to have this cute ring with pink, white or black hearts! / buy it here.

6. This ring looks so good! / see more here.

7. This lace dress is perfect for parties and other chique occasions.  / see more here.

Please check my look and rate it so I have a chance to be look of the month!

Beautiful leaves || OUTFIT

Today I have, as promised, an outfit post for you. I wear my new skirt from H&M and I totally love the Aztec print on it! My boots are perfect for these rainy days. It rained all day long, also when we shot these pictures so that's why I took that umbrella with me. 

OMG, look at the trees and the ground, it's covered with red leaves. That means it's fall! I love fall and spring the most because of the nice colors. What do you think of my outfit? Please share your opinion!

Inspiration Lookbook

001 I'm sorry for not posting yesterday and the day before, but I have holidays now and I was visiting the Efteling (a dutch amusement park) with some friends of me. I was not at home so I couldn't post anything.
002 Today I will show you a couple of inspiration pictures from lookbook. I show you some of my favourite outfits and I hope you like them too! 
003 I'm sorry for not posting a lot of outfit posts, I planned to shoot pictures of my outfits this holiday.

It's all about statement shoes

I have to confess something to you. Nowadays shoes are my weakest point. I find so many great shoes and I don't have the money to buy them. I just ordered these shoes at Zalando and 1 day afterwards I found out that I only had €20,- on my bank account. I loved these shoes, but unfortunately I had to bring them back :( A week ago I also ordered some sneaker wedges, but they were too small so I had to bring them back too. Something else I totally admire are platform shoes and ... loafers with studs: oeh, I totally adore!

In this post I will show you the most amazing statement shoes!

I am very curious about your shoes. Please mail your favourite shoes to to be featured on my blog!

Don't forget to join my give away and win a black skirt!

The Black Skirt || GIVE AWAY (CLOSED)

Kenzaa skirt
I thought it was time for a great INTERNATIONAL give away! Because a black stretch skirt is a primary need in every wardrobe, I will give away this black stretch Kenzaa skirt to one lucky reader! Click on read more to see what you have to do to win this fabulous item.

Review || Trind Nail Polish

Trind Nail Polish
Today I post something different than I normally do: a review. When I received this chique looking nail polish from Trind, I was in love! The color is perfect for the upcomming winter I think. I received this caring nail polish together with a little letter. Click on read more to see the review.

Too cute dresses ♥

 OK. I am so convinced about, that I can't believe it myself. In September I received a mail from the company if I would like to cooperate with them, and I said yes. They have the most cute and girly dresses I've ever seen! They have cheap wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses; everything has a good price! This sweet and girly dress (picture above) has a good price too. Wonder how much it costs? Click here to find out. It's amazing, isn't it? Next to dresses they have cute accessories and shoes as well. When I looked around in their webshop I felt like a princess, or a porcelain doll. The shoes are just amazing and the little beaded purses are too cute. Click read more to see some very cute accessories and shoes!

Stay tuned, there will be a give away soon!

Knitted sweather

A few days ago you could read my first knitwear post. This is the follow up post. I will show you how to combine your knitted vest/sweather with your other garments. I also show you some knitted garments I own, so click read more if you are interested to see more :)

Street style post

Hey everyone!!!
I am so excited to launch my newest Street Style post to you guys! Isn't it fantastic? People from all over the world can send in their style and be on my blog! I love the style photos which were sended to me, they were gorgeous! There were many great styles and each one was unique. I write about two which I think, are very lovely and unique in their own way. Would you like to be featured in a street style post and promote your blog? Scroll down quickly to find out how you can join!

So, we are going to start by Jacquelyn Son, a marketing student and fashion blogger from Vancouver, Canada. Her favourite garmends are oversized sweaters and cardigans. Her style is usually minimalistic, casual and comfortable: "I enjoy experimenting with different styles at least once!" Jacquelyn's style icons are Olivia Palermo (she's my style icon too!), Rumi Neely and the Olsen twins. She loves neutral colors like grey and white, but once in a while she will wear a pop-off color! You can find Jacquelyn on the blog too! Her blog is: She would love you to take a look and she's currently hosting a very nice give-away, which I joined :)

The second lucky girl in this world is from Germany. Her name is Yulie Kendra and her style is eccentric and unique, like herself. She loves to create new styles in trends in our fashion world. She doesn't have any style icon because she thinks each and everyone of us is unique and can be an icon, so she creates a new one everyday. She likes dark clothes with silver or golden shimmer. You can visit her blog too if you like:

How to join?
- Take some pictures of you wearing your favourite clothes.
- Mail your street style picture to:
- Answer the following questions:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Why do you like this outfit?
  • What is your favourite garmend?
  • Describe your style.
  • Who's your style icon?
  • Which colours of clothing do you like? (bright, dark, soft)
  • Tell something you would like me to mention with your picture. 
- If you have a blog, feel free to mention it!
That's all! So take a photo camera and start shooting, mail and be on my blog!