Tiny Tea from Your Tea || REVIEW

Today I would like to review something which, at first, seems very different from my normal posts. However, as you might know, health is very important to me. I love drinking tea because it's made of natural ingredients and healthy. If you are getting used to the taste it's actually delicious to drink, even without sugar! Why would you drink all these soda's if you can go for water with taste? Your Tea promises to do even more than just the usual tea. The box I got, which is called Tiny Tea, promises to give you energy, clear your skin, decrease bloating and even help you to loose weight. Reasons enough for me to test this drink!

Meet The Bloggers || NOTICE

A while ago I had a section on my blog which was called 'Meet The Bloggers'. In this section I interviewed some adorable bloggers and posted a nice article about it on my blog. Today I would like to announce that I'm going to continue these series! I would love to know which bloggers you want me to interview. You can tell it in the comments below and maybe your favorite blogger will be interviewed on this blog!

I hope you are just as excited as I am for these series! I think it will be an awesome way for you to find out about more bloggers in the blog-world. So if you have ever been really curious about the (personal) blogger-life, or if you want to be interviewed on this blog yourself*: this is your chance!

Up and until now I posted 5 posts in this section, but of course the questions as well as the form will be a little different since these posts were from a long time ago. I interviewed Merrick, Reinhardt, Sophie, Bessana and Katie.

*If you would like to be interviewed yourself, please mail me: BlogFashionAnna@gmail.com.

Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial || BEAUTY

Are you still looking for a makeup look for which you don't need 4 different eyeshadow palettes and 3 layers of foundation? Well, today I am going to help you! I will be showing you a beautiful and simple makeup look which will be perfect for the natural babes who do want to wear makeup, but not so much. It still looks very good and you can easily wear this to a date, when you meet your friends or on a shopping day. It's not about the specific products I use in this video, you can use any concealer or mascara. It's all up to you!

A Happy Life || OUTFIT

How was your Easter? I hope it was just as nice as mine! We went to on a mini holiday for 2 days with our family in our country. It was a lot of fun! Today the weather is really nice and I'm wearing my new shorts from Persunmall. Aren't they perfect? I love the color, shape and everything. You can combine them with a lace top like I did, but you can also go for a more edgy look or casual depending on your needs. Let me know what you think of this outfit! :)

The Hat of the Lion || OUTFIT

Here's another amazing outfit for you! I can say I'm in love with this location. It fits in perfectly with my country-like outfit. You can go for some simple sandals but boots will look cool as well with this outfit. Also you can customize it with a (fake) leather jacket for a more edgy look. I am wearing my new hat and lace shirt. I love them both so much! The hat makes every outfit fashionable and the lace is just timeless and cute. Click read more to see the other photos I took.

Spring Summer Fashion Musthaves

Heelloww fashionista's! Today I will be showing you some must have spring and summer fashion items. Of course you don't have to have all of them, but they will definitely help you to create an awesome closet! What are your favorite fashion must haves for SS? Let me know in the comments!

Beauty Haul! :)

Hey everyone! Today I finally have another beauty haul for you to see. I love to be busy with beauty stuff as well as fashion and I think you will like these purchases. For any of you who are interested in one of these products in specific, or if you want a review: tell me in the comments! I would love to review some of these for you :)

If you can't view the video click here.

Flowers in my eyes || OUTFIT

Finally I shot outfit photos again. The sun was shining bright and everywhere is color outside. I'm wearing my new top from SheInside with on both sides a zipper. It's made of amazing material and feels very chic. SheInside also sells a lot of cute other stuff, it's worth checking out! For my entire outfit: click read more!

My second VIP Box || BEAUTY

I received my very first VIP beauty box a month ago and I was very happy and satisfied. If you don't know what was in it, click here to see the post. I couldn't wait for my second VIP box and I got it this afternoon! I don't know if I'm just as happy with this box as the previous one, but it has some great stuff in it and I would love to show it to you! Click read more for da details and quick reviews.

I'm in a magazine! + WIN

A while ago I asked you guys to vote for me to be the CosmoGirl look of the month, and guess what?! I'm CosmoGirl's look of the month! Because of you I have an entire page in this awesome Dutch magazine and I would like to thank you for it. You can't believe how happy this makes me! I love your support and even if you didn't vote for me, thank you so much for your support! In this blog post you can read the article (it's in dutch) but you also got a chance to win a CosmoGirl. I bought a few extra ones to give away to y'all! If you would like to get a free Cosmogirl featuring me send to you, let me know in the comments! It doesn't matter where you live you can join and this magazine also got some great fashion and beauty pictures so it's okay if you don't speak Dutch ;-)

Enter to win the cosmogirl featuring me! 
- All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me you are joining! (plus e-mail address so I can contact you if you won)

Perfect Bikini Workout!

Hey guys! Today I would like to share something with you girls. Summer is coming up and we all would like to have a nice body to rock our bikini's, right? Well, I found my motivation to exercise and I'm glad to tell you: it works! When I first heard about Blogilates, I thought it would be one of those other thousands of excising YouTube channels out there, but it's so much better. A nice lady called Cassey Ho really helps you to stay motivated and even has an app with a workout calendar. I have now finished the first week of the beginner workout calender and I already feel and see the difference. It seems like the hard work gets paid of and I'm so happy!

DIY Easter Jars

As soon as the flowers grow I thought about Easter coming up. I'm so excited because all the flowers are popping up, the sun is shining and of course; lot's of chocolate is on it's way! I really wanted  to have something Easter themed in my room, but when I went to the shops everything was very expensive. That's why I decided to come up with my own, cheap and especially easy Easter tutorial. We are going to make some nice Easter jars! Click read more to see the full photo tutorial.

Stylish Watch || NEW IN

Heeeey girls! I would love to tell you all about my journey to an amazingly cheap watch. I was browsing on the webshop Born Pretty Store, a cheap site full of amazing fashion and beauty pieces. I always like to look at their section of watches because they are so stylish and very cheap. Perfect if you are in need for a suitable special-occasion watch. As soon as my eyes saw this watch, I could not wait to order it, and the thing is: it was only €9.72! Click read more to see my baby!

Small DaWanda Haul

I got everything in this video at DaWanda, it's some sort of ebay with a lot of cute stuff. It's definitely worth to check out! I like that you can get tons of DIY materials but they also have some fashion and accessories. In this video I just bought some cute and random things. Oh, and by the way: I don't know why my bronzer looks this dark and weird on camera! I promise it did NOT look like this in real-life. Maybe it's because of the lightning, I don't know.. Haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video! Let me know what you think. 

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