Perfect Bikini Workout!

Hey guys! Today I would like to share something with you girls. Summer is coming up and we all would like to have a nice body to rock our bikini's, right? Well, I found my motivation to exercise and I'm glad to tell you: it works! When I first heard about Blogilates, I thought it would be one of those other thousands of excising YouTube channels out there, but it's so much better. A nice lady called Cassey Ho really helps you to stay motivated and even has an app with a workout calendar. I have now finished the first week of the beginner workout calender and I already feel and see the difference. It seems like the hard work gets paid of and I'm so happy!

Cassey has a lot of nice videos for every body part, but also some really fun workout challenges and cardio exercises, it all depends on what you like! View her YouTube channel here. Next to exercising she also gives food diet tips and has a few cooking tutorials.

This is a beginner workout for your abs.

Would you like to burn some belly fat? Well, she will show you in this video.

Let me know what you think about Blogilates and if you would start such a thing in the comments.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cassey heeft echt geweldige work-outs! Volg haar ook al een tijdje met plezier! En pijn, haha, want had een keer een work-out van haar onderschat en de volgende dag kon ik amper lopen. Ze zijn dus zeker effectief!

  2. Leuk! Ik ga ook maar eens beginnen met work-outs !

  3. Thanks for sharing all the video footage that are really sound informative though I'm pretty sure that people will be benefited by learning that how to do perfect bikini workout. So thanks a lot for this nice contribution. Keep up the great work : )


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