DIY Easter Jars

As soon as the flowers grow I thought about Easter coming up. I'm so excited because all the flowers are popping up, the sun is shining and of course; lot's of chocolate is on it's way! I really wanted  to have something Easter themed in my room, but when I went to the shops everything was very expensive. That's why I decided to come up with my own, cheap and especially easy Easter tutorial. We are going to make some nice Easter jars! Click read more to see the full photo tutorial.

What do we need?
- 3 empty food jars, I used beetroot, Nutella and sandwich spread. Make sure you cleaned them good enough! 
- Paint
- Scissors
- A pen
- A (old) sponge
-A nice string or ribbon
(- Paper, transparent tape and colored pens)

Let's start!
First we got to paint our jar covers. I used white and green to create a very light green, red white and blue for a nice purple and I mixed yellow with white. Easter is all about the pastel colors!

Next we are going to make a nice stippling brush from a sponge. Draw a circle with a pen. Then cut it out in a square shape (it's much easier than directly cutting out a circle) and cut the circle shape. Make sure to test if it works before you are going to paint your jars.

TIP: When painting your jars with our little DIY-dot-tool make sure not to put too much paint on the sides. Put the dot tool with paint on your jar and twist to make an equal circle.

Eventually you can decorate your jars any way you wish and put some colorful/easter themed things in them! They will look so cute together! 


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