Sunday, again corpus and beach!


Sunday it was the first day of easter. My mother and the rest of my family wanted to do something fun. Because I told them a month ago (when we had an exchange with Germany and they were here) that the Corpus museum was very nice, my mother decided to go there and after that to the omniversum. In the corpus museum you travel through the human body and you get some explanation with it. Afterwards you have a lifeline with all kind of information (about health, ear, eye and so on). When we 'd been there, we went to the beach of Katwijk. It was fun with my sisters. We were trying to catch some prown but it didn't turn out well... I've made some pictures here you can see 2 of them:

Live your life!

Love the beach

Create your own bracelet!

I found a site where you can create your own bracelet! It's free to make, but when you want to buy it it becomes a veryveryvery expensive unfortunatly. The one I created was 771 euro's!!!!! Do you want to make one yourself? Click here. Ofcourse, you can also choose to do 3 pendants on the bracelet. Then you can ask for your birthday some pendants and your bracelet is full in notime!

I created this one.

Viktor & Rolf

Hello everyone!
This morning we (my mother and I) picked my father from the train station because he went to america. I got a present from him. It was just a bag which you get always in the plane but this time it was a very cool one! You can't see it very good on the picture but the letters say: VIKTOR&ROLF. I think this is very cool :-)

Kind regards, Anne Koolen

Shopping and piano exams

Today I had to get up at 06:45 because we had to leave at 7:45 for my 2nd piano exam (A2 it's called in Dutch). I was very very very nervous so in the beginning my hands were shaking and I had only a 7 for the scales and triats. I had 3 times an 8 for playing my music and an 8.7 for the theory exam. I am very happy right now because I passed the exam! There were 2 people from Russia who did not make it. They didn't know a lot of theory because their piano teacher didn't teach that to them. That was very sad. One was only 7 years young!

My mother and my piano teacher were happy that I made it and I had to shop some clothes for next week. I am going on exchange with Germany. My mother bought me a lot of clothes! Here they are (of course a lot from my favourite shop: H&M!).

Blouse, jean

Shirts, socks, scarf and belt.

Vest and shirt with stripes, I love stripes!

- blouse (red with white).
- jean.
- 2 pairs of socks.
- 5 shirts (1 striped white with blue, 1 black, 2 white, 1 grey)
- vest (light blue).
- belt
- scarf
- jacket 

Tomorrow morning I have to leave very early. I can't post anything on this blog for 1 whole week!