Shopping and piano exams

Today I had to get up at 06:45 because we had to leave at 7:45 for my 2nd piano exam (A2 it's called in Dutch). I was very very very nervous so in the beginning my hands were shaking and I had only a 7 for the scales and triats. I had 3 times an 8 for playing my music and an 8.7 for the theory exam. I am very happy right now because I passed the exam! There were 2 people from Russia who did not make it. They didn't know a lot of theory because their piano teacher didn't teach that to them. That was very sad. One was only 7 years young!

My mother and my piano teacher were happy that I made it and I had to shop some clothes for next week. I am going on exchange with Germany. My mother bought me a lot of clothes! Here they are (of course a lot from my favourite shop: H&M!).

Blouse, jean

Shirts, socks, scarf and belt.

Vest and shirt with stripes, I love stripes!

- blouse (red with white).
- jean.
- 2 pairs of socks.
- 5 shirts (1 striped white with blue, 1 black, 2 white, 1 grey)
- vest (light blue).
- belt
- scarf
- jacket 

Tomorrow morning I have to leave very early. I can't post anything on this blog for 1 whole week!


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