Favorite Lookbook Looks ATM

This fall we want to make sure our outfits are on point so we are going to need some inspiration! Luckily there are sites as Lookbook who are able to help us find this inspiration. I went searching on Lookbook for the best Fall styles, starting with this first (perfect) outfit of Leonie Sophie from Germany. I love her over the knee boots and I already ordered a black pair of over the knee boots, hopefully they will fit me!

Blue Passion || OUTFIT

Finally I'm back with another outfit post! It took me so long to find someone who had the time to take photos so I'm very sorry for that! Today I'm wearing a jacket in my favorite color from Romwe, combined with some leggings from H&M, boots from Primark, shirt from H&M and a stunning bracelet!  I'm totally fan of my jacket because of the color, the fit, everything!

Get Ariana Grande's Outfit!

| Beanie | Sweater | Bag | Heels | Jeans
It's been a while since I did a celebrity style steal post and that's why I thought it would be nice to steal someones style! I always am in love with Ariana Grande's style and that's why I chose this adorably cute outfit. I totally fell in love with the classy, feminine but still cute and girly style! Even though every outfit probably looks good on Ariana, I think this is an outfit which will look good on most of you as well. Let me know what you think about this outfit in the comments!

*I tried to find matching items. However, they are not exactly the same as Ariana is wearing in the photo shown above. 

Favorite Jewelry At The Moment

There has passed some time that I didn't really wear jewelry, but I'm totally back on track! I love touching up my outfits with rings, necklaces and bracelets. Today I thought it would be nice to show you my favorite jewelry at the moment. Let's start with these two rings! They are so cute and I got both of them from Brandy Melville. I think they have so many cute little accessories. Click read more to see all of my favorite jewelry!

HEMA Blog Academy

Wednesday September 10, I went to the HEMA Blog Academy at their head office in Amsterdam. HEMA is a Dutch shop and they sell basically everything, from fashion to beauty to room decorations to food to their online photo service. Think about it and they have it. Now HEMA will be having their very own blog page and I already published my first article on their blog! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter so you are first to know when I published more blogs on their blog!

How to get the fall feeling

It's almost fall which means I'm really really happy! Even though it rains a lot, it's my favorite season. It makes me think about yummy food, nice clothes, cozy evenings, over sized sweaters, happy people and just an overall happy feeling! Today I hope to get your mood into fall and after you've read this article, I hope you will feel more happy! How to start? Just click the read more button! 

Current Beauty Favorites

My beauty routine is changing every time. I discover new products, test them, try them out, throw them far away in my drawer and never use them again or repurchase them. Today I will be showing you my hits of the past months. I use all these products very often and I'm glad I bought them! The first favorite is my Maybelline New York kohl liner because it lasts all day and gives the perfect black pigment. Click read more to for close-up photos and discover why I love these beauties!

Cheetah Printed Shoes || How Should I Wear

Source: WeHeartIt

Today is a start of a new series: how should I wear? In these series I will help you with all your style issues. It doesn't matter if you are searching a nice birthday outfit or if you don't know how to wear your green skirt: I'm here to help you out! Make sure to leave your style issue in the comments so maybe it's your problem being solved in the next post of these series. Today I will be showing you how I would style cheetah printed shoes. I actually thought about this subject because I maybe want to order a pair of Michael Kors shoes. I love the shoes, but I first want to know how to style them. Let's do this!

Fall Trends 2014

Every season switch I like to look around and discover and predict the latest trends. Today I'm showing you some of my findings about the upcoming fall season. The first trend are ultra low & Chelsea boots. Especially black boots will be IT, but the brown shoes are also making a return in the fashion industry. Mostly it are the ends. Instead of middle-high boots fashionista's now would buy really really high boots or very very low boots. Click read more for my other trend predictions! 

Fall Fashion In 3 Outfits

Fall is coming soon. Some would like to have a life-long summer feeling, but personally: I love fall and winter time! I can't wait to start wearing cute sweaters, beanies and drinking hot chocolate in the evenings. Before the real winter time is coming up, you might want to change your wardrobe into a fall style. Today I will be showing you three fall outfits I would definitely wear. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Let's Tie It || NEW IN

Recently I discovered a new hair accessory brand named Tie-It. They sell these kind of hair elastics in different patterns and colors. I totally fell in love with these colors because they will be perfect for the fall time! They are not just adorable to wear in your hair, but look cute as a bracelet as well. They don't hurt your wrists like those really tight elastics do. Yes, I'm a fan!

Great Back To School Bags

Everyone in my country is now going back to school. The entire holiday it was raining and now suddenly the sunshine appears. Anyway, I was browsing on the internet and found an amazing backpack brand named Mi Pac. They have tons of adorable backpacks. From basic backpacks, to prints to a shiny golden one. If you would like to check out more possible colors, or inspiration you can go to the Mi Pac site.

DIY School Supplies

So, because I was so busy recently, I did not have the time to finish this video. That's why I'm pretty late with this back to school video. I still hope you will really like it since you can also use these DIY's for other notebooks or cute stuff :) I'm showing you some tutorials for notebooks. They are all original and cute-looking. Enjoy!

Let's go red || OUTFIT

Now the holidays are over, I'm going back to school. That's why I thought it would be a great idea to show you some of my favorite school outfits! Today I'm wearing a long blouse from H&M, paired with leggings in the same blue color, a jacket from Forever21 and my shoes are actually new from OASAP. I totally fell in love with them. They are bright red and make your leggs look longer since they have wedges. Let's hit the read more button to see some back to school fashion!