How to get the fall feeling

It's almost fall which means I'm really really happy! Even though it rains a lot, it's my favorite season. It makes me think about yummy food, nice clothes, cozy evenings, over sized sweaters, happy people and just an overall happy feeling! Today I hope to get your mood into fall and after you've read this article, I hope you will feel more happy! How to start? Just click the read more button! 

Shopping makes us happy right? The feeling of something new. The compliments. Everything is nice about it! So, make sure to invest in an entire fall outfit. Every season I invest in an entire outfit and guess what? It turns out to be my most worn outfit of the season every time! It's definitely worth it! 

Also make sure to accessorize your clothes. Spend time in the morning picking your outfit and jewelry as well. It will make you feel really confident throughout the day while it's such a small effort! 

Start wearing your fall colored nail polishes again! They will instantly drive you to the fall mood! 

Of course we can't skip baking. Invite a friend, have a sleepover and bake the most yummy cookies! 

In the evening you can have a nice cup of hot chocolate. Make your chocolate milk from real milk with cacao. It's more healthy and will help your mind relax. 

This is probably my favorite part! Try to find the most comfortable sweater! Perfect for a lazy day: just put on the sweater with a pair of jeans and will look good anyway. You feel like you could hug yourself all day and if it's getting more cold outside, it will keep you warm.  

Reading books really help you to feel relaxed and you will also make your teacher feel happy! This fall is all about being happy from the inside. How can you possibly look good without being happy? Dive in the deepest adventures, from Narnia to a romantic love story: keep dreaming!

To get a real cozy fall feeling, try this: jam out in your room on your favorite music. Go all crazy! Yup, it helps you to relax and afterwards you can watch some nice disney videos. It will instantly feel like fall since you release all worries of the day to relax afterwards. The happy characters will make you laugh and feel happy about your life. 

This is a very small thing, but go and hug your pet sometimes! If it's a cat or a dog or a turtle, or something else. As long as you can hug it. Hugging makes you and your pet happy. Also you will have a bigger feeling of togetherness which reminds you of fall!

 Last but not least: start wearing dark lipsticks! The dark colors make your lips pop and feel like fall!

Source of all photos: WeHeartIt

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Fall making good efforts to arrive in Athens
    but the weather don't feel the same lol :)
    On Monday the temperature will rich up to 31oC.

  2. Leuke artikel. Ik kom al helemaal in de herfst sferen.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. Leuk geschreven, en inderdaad, ik krijg nu al bijna zin in de herfst! Vooral dat bakken is bij mij echt een herfst-ding, in dit seizoen sta ik bijna elke avond wel in de keuken :) (soms ten koste van school...)


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