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Today is a start of a new series: how should I wear? In these series I will help you with all your style issues. It doesn't matter if you are searching a nice birthday outfit or if you don't know how to wear your green skirt: I'm here to help you out! Make sure to leave your style issue in the comments so maybe it's your problem being solved in the next post of these series. Today I will be showing you how I would style cheetah printed shoes. I actually thought about this subject because I maybe want to order a pair of Michael Kors shoes. I love the shoes, but I first want to know how to style them. Let's do this!

After my little test I was pretty convinced I would be able to style the shoes with my own wardrobe. What do you think, should I buy the Michael Kors slip ons with cheetah print or not? I'm really curious so let me know! Also don't forget to tell me about your fashion issue!

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  1. Super leuk gecombineerd! Al houd ik zelf niet zo van dat printje!

  2. I love all three of these looks! Gorgeous styling! Get the MKs! ;) Xxx

    Alice Adores Apparel

  3. super gorgeous! love all the collection! perfect styling <3

  4. These are all awesome selections... I would say my favorite is the "With a Dress".
    Great post.

  5. The sandals in the first photo
    are really wonderful!


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