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This fall we want to make sure our outfits are on point so we are going to need some inspiration! Luckily there are sites as Lookbook who are able to help us find this inspiration. I went searching on Lookbook for the best Fall styles, starting with this first (perfect) outfit of Leonie Sophie from Germany. I love her over the knee boots and I already ordered a black pair of over the knee boots, hopefully they will fit me!

In fall you can still wear all-white outfits and I will definitely use that. I totally am in love with all white or all black outfits! According to me Christina Foka rocks this outfit

Chose to be very ladylike like Charlotte Hellberg and go for a chic outfit. I totally am in love with the fabrics she's wearing! I'm also a huge fan of mixing and combining different kinds of fabric. 

Kristina Magdalina totally understands what to do with an all-black outfit! I really really like this outfit because it looks chic but casual at the same time! 

Anna Vershinina totally understands what to do with color! I fell in love with the color and fabric of her jacket. Also I think she did a good job keeping the rest of her outfit pretty basic. 

Cara Loren Van Brocklin does not just make me feel attracted to her outfit,  but also the photography style is like a fairytale. I love the lightning and the colors which fade in the background. Her outfit is quite basic, but the braid in her hair makes it look stunning. 

Can we just talk about the cuteness of this outfit? The polka dots, combined with the pink shoes just look flattering! I also love how Priscila gave her outfit an edgy twist with the Moschino bag. 

This outfit is so original so I just had to add it to this post! I love the color combination and the black leather. Also I'm a huge fan of the slip-on shoes. Thanks Mandy for your showing your style! 

This girl, Ruxandra Ioana is from Belgium and I really like her combination of fabrics and colors. I don't see outfits like these often, but I think her own twist to this quite basic outfit is what makes it work!

Which look do you like the most? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. De vierde outfit is denk ik mijn favoriet, prachtig! x

  2. Waaauw, supermooie outfits!! Deze blogpost ga ik even ergens opslaan, haha :-) Altijd fijn om inspiratie terug te kunnen vinden!

    ♥ Saskia


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