Spring Summer Fashion Musthaves

Heelloww fashionista's! Today I will be showing you some must have spring and summer fashion items. Of course you don't have to have all of them, but they will definitely help you to create an awesome closet! What are your favorite fashion must haves for SS? Let me know in the comments!

So one of my main essentials is a nice top with details. You can go for anything you like, as long as it catches everyone's eyes! The top on the left is so cute because of the daisy's. A cropped top too much for you? Try the one in the middle for an amazingly sophisticated and feminine look. Wanna go more girly and cute? Is cropped too much for you, but an open back okay? Rock the last one with an amazing bow on the back!

What is a summer wardrobe without some cute and girly dresses? You can go for simple or choose a dress with lots of details. The good thing is: there are so many dresses out there! Check this dresses page of SheInside for example. Aren't they adorable? The ones above are my favorite! The one on the left will be perfect for a classy, but simple look. I love how you can combine this dress in tons of different ways! And oh my Gucci, the second one is just adorable! I love lace and that's why this amazing royal blue lace dress is over here as well. Finally a kind of everything dress: simple but oh-so-chic! And the color of course, it's so girly!

When we are talking about SS we are talking about color and happiness. These amazing tops make me think about flower gardens and all the good things in SS! Rock your SS with this nice yellow flower set. You can look effortlessly chic. The second floral top will be perfect with a long or short loose fitting skirt. The third one will be perfect for an edgy or festival look and finally this blouse with a subtle flower print for dinner. 

So. If you know me. You know this. Lace. Lace. Lace. I love lace. It's just so feminine and it will make every outfit look detailed, sophisticated and adorable! You can go for a lace bottom and top like the one on the first photo, but you can also go for a subtle lace strip on a loose fitting top. Of course you can also choose for some kind of colored lace or a nice cropped top

You could already conclude this from my other 'love's', but I kind of like the loose fitting tops. Especially for the casual days. Just wear some high waist shorts or jeans and you will look so amazing! You can choose to go for a nice necklace, sunglasses or hat to go with it and your outfit is completed! The good thing is: tons of options! Go for a black one, cropped plain white off shoulder one, bright purple, a loose fitting top which almost is like a regular blouse, or a double layered tee!

Which essential is absolutely always in your Spring Summer closet? Let me know in the comments! 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous dresses!!!
    The second white one has my heart.


  2. Gave items! Ik ben vooral gek op jurkjes :D

  3. This post really makes me want to go shopping. :)
    I love the floral shorts with the matching top
    and the pale pink dress with the scalloped hem. :)


  4. Nice :)

    Join giveaway: http://teenfashioncorner.blogspot.com/2014/04/sammydress-easter-giveaway.html

  5. Dress was perfect for my daughter. She loved it. She got it for her aunt's wedding coming up. I couldn't wait after placing the order as I was worried about the fit and length of the dress.


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