Christmas series || Room makeover

Welcome welcome to my very first Christmas series post! I hope you are as excited as I am because I totally love to celebrate and prepare Christmas with you because I love you and Christmas so much!

I didn't know how to call these Christmas series on my blog so I decided to ask you guys and I hope you leave a comment below with your ideas :):)

Today I will give you the holy four steps to a total Xmas-proof bedroom! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Step 1: candles.
OK. Guys. You just can not miss this step. It's one of the most important steps of creating the good ethos. Since christmas is all about lights I thought this would be a VIP tip (Very ImPorant hehe). When you buy yourself some candles, it would be soo awesome if you buy scented candles because your whole room is going to smell so nice :)

Step 2: Your bed.
To get your bed into the Christmas mood, it's very good to buy yourself some Christmas-themed pillow cases. If you don't have so many pillows you can also buy pillows who are already Christmas themed, but that is a little more expensive.  You don't need to buy tons and tons of Christmas pillow cases because three or four would do good too. Search in your house for some basic pillow cases or pillow cases with a little bit of a different fabric and put them in the back. You lay down your new-in Christmas pillow cases on the front and tadaaaaaaaa! Your bed is totally X-mas proof!

Step 3: Add all stereotypical attributes to your room!
What is Christmas without a sock hanging on your wall, a Christmas wreath, tree and baubles? Nothing of course! Add as many stereotypical things to your room as possible! I already have a Santa, have you?

Step 4: Get to the details :)
Once you have done all steps above it's time to add some more Christmas and snow-ey details. Think about fake snow, deers, snowflakes, glitter and whatever makes you think about Christmas!

I hope you liked this little tutorial and I wish to see you soon, bye! Don't forget to mail your christmas photo to to be featured on my blog ;-)

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  1. great pics!

  2. super leuk! ik ben bezig met mij kamer verbouwen naar kerstige kamer hahaa ;)

  3. Hi Anne,

    Love your tutorial.
    I love Christmas.
    Love, Joann

  4. I love candles for Christmas. :)

  5. oh my goddness, i love xmas <3

  6. Cool room ideas, Anna! :)

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  9. Aaaa! I'm looking forward to Christmas. I can't wait any more...

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  11. wow i love this christmas themed entry, so inspiring,
    defiently have to grap some of thoose decorating ideas <3

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  13. I love candles, especially Christmas scented ones xxx

  14. I liked the ideia of getting my bed into Xmas mood! really cool :)

  15. "Last Christmas I gave you my heart!"
    Christmas are coming!:)

  16. Lovely inspirations!!! Thanks for your comment. Of course I like to follow each other. Followed you on Bloglovin and GFC. Now it´s your turn <3


  17. Oh inspiring,honey!

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  20. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep up with the great work! :)


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  23. Hey anne, zou je even naar je mail willen kijken?

  24. those are some great ideas to decorate home:) love the christmas time so much <3

  25. Love Christmas time so much!Love the decoration and the excitement!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog,I am following you now! :)



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