How to find miss perfect?

Christmas is on it's way and you want to look good when you are going to celebrate it. I have always a lot of trouble finding the perfect dress for myself but since I used a little help guide, it's a lot more easy! I personally prefer dresses like you can see above, or dresses with a lot and I mean a LOT of glitters and sequins :) Click read more so we can together find your perfect dress!

You have these people who have a lot of money and are able to buy everything. Most people are not like that so it would probably be a good solution to set yourself a budget before you go shopping so you know which shops you can visit. If your budget is somewhere around 20 $ you can go to Kenzaa, H&M or Clothingloves. For dresses around 30$ you can go to Montaffair. If you want to pay a little bit more, let's say like 50$, you can go to Vivi-clothes, Shopgoldie, American Apparel. Between 50 and 100 dollar you can go to Choies, Loveclothing,  You can also visit shops as Zalando because they have dresses for almost every budget. If you want to shop special occasion or wedding dresses you can also go to Ocrun. Another shop which is a little more expensive is edressy. They have the perfect dresses!

When you have set your budget you go and browse to the internet. Every thing you like you copy and paste into a word document on your computer. You create kind of like a moodboard. Are you going to have a special dinner with Christmas or are you just chilling with friends. Think about what can be the perfect dress for your occasion.

When your moodboard is finished you want to go to do some shopping! Order or go to a big city in your neighborhood to look for dresses you have already pasted into your word moodboard. See if it fits to your shape too. On this site you can calculate your body shape and see how to dress it.

Thank you for reading this tutorial and I hope to see you back soon! Love, Anna

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  1. Oh great recommendations Anna! Love the dresses selection. The ones from Clothingloves, Choies, and Kenzaa are the ones I really love too. :) Really cool. :)

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  2. What a great post! Finding the perfect dress is super important - especially at this time of year.

  3. Ik bind het altijd heel lastig om een jurkje te kiezen en te vinden, die eerste drie zijn heel erg leuk!

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  7. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Ely

  8. Ik vind het ook altijd super moeilijk, maar dit jaar ga ik voor een super leuk truitje!

  9. i love second too ! <3

  10. second dress is perfect for me <3


  11. Great tutorial, I love the second dress. :)

  12. Great post. I absolutely love the first dress, so something I would wear. :)

  13. wow that black gown is gorgeous!


  14. Hi dear, very cool tips! Finding the perfect dress is not easy! kisses chris

  15. Nice post!

    Happy holidays dear.


  16. Lovely dress :D
    btw dear i already following you :)
    keep in touch dear :D

  17. Great post, love all the pretty dresses


    Merry Cristmas

  18. Great post! That's right, we can find the perfect dress at any budget. But this last black long dress is just amazing! Is it Eliee Saab?

    Merry Xmas!


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