Holiday DIY || Earring Hanger

The comming weeks I will be very busy with school because I have a week full of exams right before the holiday. You might want to ask why I consider myself lucky while I have an exam week before the holiday, but that is because otherways I would have it right after the holiday. That would mean that I had to learn, study and learn in the holiday, no, not for me! I would prefer blogging and talking to you guys a lot more :) Today I will post a holiday DIY you can do in the holiday, weekend or just when you come home from school. It costs a little of time, but than you have something very unique: it's a guarantee! I will show you how to make this stylish earring hanger. I hope you guys like it! If you tried this yourself, please mail ( or tweet (@blogfashionanna) me because I would love to know what you guys make!

What do you need? (probably you have everything already in your home: easypeasy!)
- Some old magazines you want to cut in.
- Glue (I prefer a glue gun)
- Scissors
- Blank paper
- Cardboard
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Some different ribbons
- Paperclip
- Needle

1. Cut out the fraying of the cardboard.
2. Lay down your paper on the cardboard. Mark with a pencil or whatever writing object you own where you need to cut your white paper.
3. Take a ruler, draw a line where you want to cut.
4. Glue the paper on the cardboard.

5. Take out a fashion/beauty magazine and search for pages with pictures which fill the whole page. 
6. Tear out your favorite pictures and see how many you will need (I needed 4 of them).
7. Cut where you need to make the endings perfectly straight.  
8. Take some different ribbons you like. 
9. Take a couple of your most adorable ribbons!

10. Glue it (straight line) on your cardboard filled up with nice pictures. Use some different ribbons and be creative!
11. Fold your ribbons to around the cardboard and paste them there.
12. Write (use culry letters for an extra nice effect) something like: "My Earrings", "Perfection", or anything else which makes you feel happy or inspires you underneath your pictures and ribbons. I wrote down: "Fashionable Earrings".

13. Take a couple of paperclips and your needle.
14. Fold the paperclip like you see on the picture above.
15. Poke holes where you want your earrings to be. First with the needle and then with your paperclip.
16. Hang your earrings onto your earring hanger and.... you're finished!

Some tips which might help you:
- Don't use a really thick cardboard like I did, it's very hard to poke holes through it.
- Don't use a very big cardboard because it will need a lot of space: not handy!
- Have fun while doing this DIY
- Give this DIY to a friend as a gift or place it in your room for an extra girly vibe.
- Poke your needle into an eraser because otherways you can not poke it.

Thanks for reading and I really hope you liked this DIY. Let me know what you think and if you are going to make this yourself. Love you! ♥♥♥

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  1. AWW thats really pretty and cute! I did something like that got surprises got my sister :)

  2. Thank you so much sweetie for your nice comment! :) I joined as your reader in gfc, and would be so so happy if you follow me back. <3

    Kisses from Finland

  3. Such a great idea!


  4. i love the idea of it! it's so creative and easy to do at the same time!!:)
    lots of love xx

  5. je hebt echt een super leuke blog! elkaar volgen? :)



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