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Hey everyone!
Because Christmas is comming soon, I thought it would be nice to do an international give away! So here I am with a fascinating give away in cooperation with Firmoo. They sell a lot of great glasses and sunglasses you can use so well to make your outfit look fashionable! This give away will be open up and untill December 18 (23:59). After that day you can not join anymore, so make sure to join in time :) If you win, you can spend the voucher at untill the 25th of December. You can join very easily by liking my Facebook page and leaving a comment to this post with your e-mail. (No e-mail = no win! I'm sorry!)

What can you win?
- You can win 9 times a 20$ voucher to spend at
- If you win, for example, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, you can share your coupon with a family member. You can use one coupon code only 1 time.

What do you have to do?
- Like my Facebook page.
- Leave a comment below with your e-mail.

What can you do for extra entries?
- Follow this blog with GFC (+1 entry)
- Follow me on twitter (+1 entry)
- Follow my Youtube account (+1 entry)
- Write something about this give away on your blog with a link to this post (+3 entries)

To give you some idea about the style of the webshop, here are some pictures of their glasses. These pictures are from their site.


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  1. Indeed, Fashionable dear! Great giveaway! I want to win 1st place! LOL. :p Thanks dear Anna! I've done all steps except for writing about this for now ... will write this weekend. :)

    Name: Chai
    Email: chai.domingo at

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  3. Such lovely give-away!!
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  4. Lovely glasses!

    Join giveaway and win circle lenses:

  5. great!
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  11. good luck everyone!

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  18. Lovely glasses!!
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