Spring 2015 Sneaker Trends

Winter is almost over which means Spring is coming up. Each season I love to buy new shoes and in Spring I often buy a new pair of sneakers. Even though I really like exciting original sneakers, sometimes I also go for a trending pair, like I did this time with my new Adidas Superstars II. In this post I will show you some of my favorite soon-to-be-here sneaker trends. Let’s get started! 

Of course I couldn’t skip the Nike Roshe Runs. There are so many colors and Nike recently also launched their Fly Knit edition of this shoe, which I adore! But why are these shoes trending? I think it’s because they are simplistic, yet comfortable and available in tons of colors. Recently I found out about Dropkiks, where they customize Nike Roshe Runs and I think their customized shoes look really pretty!

One of the biggest up and coming sneaker trends will be these Adidas Superstars, but also the Adidas Stan Smiths. I recently purchased my own pair of Superstar II’s in black and white, but now there are many more colors and editions available.

Lately I see these Adidas Flux shoes on every site as well. If they will be a really big trend, I don’t know. But I do know that the designs are amazing! How cool would it be to go to the gym with these shoes on your feet?

The last trend already lasts for some summer and spring seasons, but they are still in: slip-ons. The ones above are all from Vans, but clothing-giants like ASOS also sell them in their own editions. Think of a pattern, color or basically anything and they are somewhere available. I really like the snake printed ones, which one is your favorite?

So, I think that was about it for the big sneaker trends this season. Do you recognize any of these trends? Do you like them? Or do you think I missed another big trend? Make sure to leave a comment below and share your experiences with everyone! XOXO Anna

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw wat een prachtige sneakers! Roshe Runs en slip-ons vind ik zo mooi<3
    X Emma

  2. ik ben ook erg blij met mijn roshe run schoenen! ik ben erg gek op sneakers altijd al!

  3. Leuk artikel! Slip-ons en Stan Smiths zijn denk ik toch mijn favorieten!

  4. Nog even en dan zijn mijn Adidas Superstar schoenen binnen! <3 Can't wait! Leuk artikel

  5. Ik ben de laatste tijd echt gek op de Superstar's en Stan Smith's van Adidas! Zo'n leuke sneakers! En Roshe Runs blijven ook leuk :)

  6. Ja die adidas blijven erg leuk! X Laura www.mixtfashion.com


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