The perfect summer job ideas

Of course everyone wants their summer to be perfect, but you also want to earn some money to cover up for the huge amount of holiday costs. Preferably a job which is a lot of fun so it doesn't feel like you are actually working. Well, today I'm here with the ultimate summer job help guide! I will be helping you to find an awesome job which does get paid. Be sure to click the read more button and maybe find your ultimate summer job!

1. Sign up for babysitting with a friend
You can go babysitting together with a friend at someones house. Babysitting is an easy earning so you still have enough money if the wage is split. Also it will be a lot of fun to do some games with children and you can go to the park with them and have a nice picnic! 

2. Selling ice cream
My first summer job was selling ice cream and it's so much fun! When it's hot outside you have a lot of customers and you can shovel a lot of ice! Also you have the opportunity to taste every single taste. Maybe you can even get a free ice cream after work!

3. Clothing store
What would be more fun than advising people with what they could wear on their holiday trip to France? Of course you will also need to make sure everything is in place, and maybe you can go behind the pay desk. It's a versatile job and that's what I would like.

4. Swimming pool
When you are thinking about summer you will think about going to the swimming pool or even to the beach. It would be so cool if you can just get tanned all day long, while working and sitting on a chair. Your friends can come over and chat with you while you are working. It's definitely a cool thing!

5. Amusement team
If there is a place in your neighborhood with an amusement team to entertain their visitors, this will be a great opportunity for you. Maybe you will have to do some pool games, acting and beach volley. It won't even feel like you are actually working and it pays of well.

6. Voluntary work
Finally there is voluntary work. Of course is this something you must prepare a long time before you go, but maybe you could help build a school next year in Zambia. Or you can go teach children in Malawi. It will be an amazing experience and will definitely look good on your CV.

These were just a couple of lovely summer job ideas. What are you going to do this summer? I will be working at G-Star, a clothes brand, mainly jeans. Tell me in the comments what you are going to do and if you thought this was helpful!

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  1. Leuke tips! Ik ga morgen 2 uurtjes inwerken bij een ijssalon, ben heel benieuwd en is het perfecte zomerbaantje voor de zomer. <3

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  3. Leuke dingen! Je schrijft ook heel leuk!

  4. Leuke ideetjes!
    Ik werk zelf bij een toerismekantoor, ook heel leuk! :)

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