Finding Your Style, Part 3: Be Inspired

It's already the third edition of my 4 part guide to finding your very own personal style. We've now discussed how you prepare your closet and I told you about the basics you will need to start with a fresh new style. Today it's probably time for one of the best parts: finding inspiration! You can look literally everywhere, but in this part I will give you some really practical tips on where to find your inspiration, how to interpret it and translate it into your own style. Enjoy!

Create a moodboard
There is probably no idea which is more creative than just taking a pair of scissors and create your own moodboard. It's time consuming but a great way to find you style. Browse through sites like WeHeartIt, Tumblr or Pinterest, go through every magazine and cut out the pictures which immediately attract your attention. Then start sorting all the pictures, on color, style, maybe even on textile. Paste them on a big piece of paper and look at the boards you've now created. What patterns do you see? You can analyze all the boards you've created and maybe you will find out your favorite color is black, or maybe you like big fluffy sweaters or skater skirts.

Look at other people's style
Now it's time to stand up and go to a big city in your neighborhood. What kind of styles attract your attention? Sit down on a bench with a notebook and jot down the most important conclusions you find for your style. Also you can go on the internet and look at celebrities, search for outfits on WeHeartIt. It's very important to create a look which you really like. From this you might make a conclusion for your lookbook. Create around 5 outfits (of pictures) or go to a store and try to recreate a celebrity style you really like. This way you learn to mix and match. Also see if you can combine the same top (for example) with different garments.

Be Yourself
The last, but probably the most important point of this part, is to be yourself. Everyone's style is unique and if you let your mind free you maybe come up with an adorable new style. Apart from this: nobody knows yourself the best as you do yourself. Your inner fashion desires are not easily brought out to the world. It's a hard job but if you succeed you will definitely feel more confident and you have put a great step forward to your very own journey to style. Please don't be afraid to experiment. You can even go to shops and try on complete outfits. If you are not sure about a celebrity look you think is absolutely stunning, just try to find clothes which look a little like the celebrity look and maybe it looks really cool! If you don't try it, you don't know it ;-)

*Source: All photos used are from WeHeartIt.

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