Spring Outfit Ideas

Hellowww! Spring is almost almost here and that means a change of wardrobe. And what people are better wardrobe stylists than fashion bloggers? Yup, today I will be showing you four awesome outfit ideas to rock your spring! Inclusive prices, where to shop and of course some different styles. A cute, bohemian, chic, a mix of styles, and casual look. Let me know you favorite style in the comments!

I really love this first style. Just take a pair of light wash denim shorts ($22.99) and combine it with a basic blouse ($21.99). From here you can basically create any style. Today I'm going for a cute style. I added a bright pink bag ($59) and a chic bracelet ($8.99) to make this style pop. Also some black boots ($89.99) will do good. Always.

Is your style more bohemian, like Vanessa Hudgens? Then this outfit might be perfect for you! I combined some dark lace shorts ($18.99) with a casual blouse with feathers ($33.99). Also those brogues ($51.29) are to die for and then I didn't even start telling you about the sunnies ($27.99). Did you already see the details? They have some pearls with cute details. I adore sunglasses, and these will definitely be a great add to a girls collection. You can pretty much say I love this entire look. It's casual, comfy and looks good!

To be the classy girl in town, you can never go wrong with wearing a dress ($33.99). I love the design, print and colors of this one. Also some basic black boots ($69.99) with an adorable little bag ($31.99) will add a great sense of style to this look. Finally you will need a classy phone case ($8.99) as well. What's a classy look with a boring phone? Nothing, right?

To be the casual girl, but still look fashionable, you might want to wear something like this. I love the bag so much. It looks so much like the Philip Lim one but is a lot cheaper (read $56.99). A real must have for this spring are distressed denim shorts ($26.99). In combination with a tee ($20.99) with a cool text and some rocking flat shoes ($79.79), you can rock your casual look! 

Finally this mix of styles outfit idea. It has some casual features, but is classy and girly as well. I really love the royal blue skirt ($23.99) mixed with those boots ($76.99) and a sweater. This will be a nice outfit for the more chilly weather. The sun will not always be shining bright unfortunately ;-) This sweater ($19.99) is really cool but also classy because of the floral print. The bag ($24.99) is totally awesome: I am out of words! 

Let me know which outfit idea you liked the most! XOXO Anna

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  1. Hello from Spain: great proposals. Keep in touch

  2. Wat een leuke outfits! Ik vind de laatste erg leuk. x

  3. Love those vans in the first picture!
    Great picks. c:


  4. Love the bags!!


    New post!

  5. De eerste twee vind ik zooo leuk! <3

    Liefs ♥

  6. Nader ciekawe miejsce oraz świetnie czyta się twoje teksty :) Oczekuję na następne oraz zapraszam do siebie na moją stronke on-line - prawdopodobnie jeszcze nie raz w to miejsce wejde poczytać twoje wpisy ;-)


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