Spring hairstyles tutorial ♡

It has already been a while since I posted a hair style video so I thought, with spring coming up, it would be a nice idea to do a spring hair style tutorial! I will show you 3 different spring hair styles. They differ a lot from each other. You can spend 2 to 10 minutes on your hair style, depending on how much time you have. Also, I have an updo, half up/half down and a hair down look (I know this sounds pretty weird..). I hope you like this video and let me kwow which hair style is your fave!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Adorable video, your bun is fabulous ! Perfect hair styles for Spring :)

  2. You're sooooo pretty!
    I really like the side braid it looks awesome on you..

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  3. oh this video is amazing!! you're so sweett !!!!


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