VIP Box # 6!

Actually the plan was to continue my Japan series, but today I received my next VIP box and I just couldn't wait to show you what's inside! A MUA lipstick, bombshell stick, mascara from jelly pong pong, makeup wipes from L'Oreal Paris and a duo eyebrow powder from So Susan. The brands weren't familiar to me half a year ago, but VIP box gave me some insights in these amazing brands.

This is the duo eyebrow powder. It looks so good on my eyebrows! I only miss a brush which helps to divide the powder more evenly over your brows, but the product is amazing. If I mix the two colors it's perfect for my brows! 

I'm really excited about this luxurious looking product from be a bombshell. The color is really pretty for my cheeks and lips as well!

Another lipstick! I can never have enough lipsticks and I'm always interested in trying out new colors. I did not have such a color until now and I actually really like it! It has some shimmer and on the bottom is the product as well. 

For the Dutch people I thought it would be nice to include this photo as well. For the English people: the prices are on the right hand side and on the left side you can see the product. The first price should be €5, 00.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great assortment of products! That brow duo looks fantastic!

  2. Oeh, wat een leuke producten. Ik heb al weleens vaker gehoord van de V.I.P.-box, maar heb mezelf er tot nu toe nog nooit aan gewaagd. Twijfel nog steeds!

  3. so cute! love it

  4. Wat zitten er leuke dingen in! Volgens mij is de VIPbox nu echt de leukste box die je kunt hebben ^^


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