Swimwear 101 Guide

Not every girl has the perfect model body and even models might have trouble finding the perfect swimwear suitable for their body. That's why I decided to create a swimwear guide for you. I will be showing you what swimsuits/bikini's fit to what body type and this way you will be able to rock your swimwear this summer! Hit the read more button to see the complete guide!

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One of the things considered beautiful today, is the hourglass shape. Some of us might have a really straight body without any feminine curves: wide hips and chest with a slim belly area. Even if you don't have this shape, you can fake it with the right swimwear. Go for a swimsuit with cut outs at the in-between-stage of your chest and hips. Also you can go for a swimsuit which is strapless or is really tight at your waist. 

| Red | Blue with Red | Black Cheetah | Dotted Black |
Are you feeling insecure about your small belly? You can decide to go for such a bikini. It will hide your small belly and will make it look as if you have that model figure. A nice fact: they also make your legs look longer because they are high waist. 

| Coral Vibe | Floral Cuteness | Sky Blue |
Since we are not all blessed with long legs and it's valued as beautiful in today's society, I'm going to show you how you can create the illusion of having long legs. The thing is: the more leg you show, the longer they look. Go for a bikini with high bands on the side or very thin bands. As said before you can also go for a high waist bikini. 

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Are your chest and boobs really small? Don't worry: this 101 tip will make it look as if you actually have some boobs. You are allowed to show them off! Go for a bikini with filling or a bikini top which looks a little bit dressy like the pictures above.

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Are you feeling really insecure about your body? Swimwear can actually be really cool! A good thing: they are also getting more and more trending right now. Look around and you might find some adorable swimsuits out there! Want to look extra slim? Go for a black one!

I hope this guide helped you! I know it can be a hard job to find swimwear which fits you perfect, but once you know where you should be looking for, the entire journey will get a lot easier! If you still have any questions, or if you think I forgot a certain body type: ask me in the comments! I'd love to answer your questions.

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