The best Dutch songs

Not many people know about this, but the Netherlands is actually a very musical country. We produce a lot of very good dance music. From the top 10 DJ´s, 5 are dutch. No, we are not that bad! Quit crazy if you think about the size of our country. Our whole country has almost 18 million people (not even 2x the inhabitants of New York), 41526 km2 including 7643 km2 of water, and some good music. In this post I will show you some of my favorite songs of dutch musicians!

So, the first song I love is This Is What It Feels Like from Armin van Buuren. He is a dutch DJ, just as Afrojack and Tiesto. You probably know about them already so I don´t have to tell you how amazing they are ;-)

One of my favorite songs right now is this song from Bakermat and it´s called Vandaag (= Today in English). Honestly, I think it´s very stupid of them to call an amazing song like this one Vandaag. It´s dutch and there are not that many dutch people in the world. I think they would reach so many more people when they would have called it something like I have a dream. You hear parts of Martin Luther King´s speech in the song. I love it so much!

Eva Simons (dutch singer) sings with Will.I.Am. Eva Simons has a very powerful voice and when I visited the Beyonce concert she was in her for program. Beyonce was so right with that decision because Eva Simons voice is killing!

You know this song? Probably yes. Amazing, right? Now you might wonder why this song is in this list, but Afrojack is dutch! Yup. I don´t know what to say more..

This is another song featuring Afrojack.

I hope you liked this little music/inspiration post from my country. I am very proud of all the dutch musicians who brought it so far in their music career. I hope to see you next time on my blog again and I would love to know if there is any famous musician from your country.

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  1. Ik wist helemaal niet dat Kelly Clarkson Nederlands was!

    1. Klopt! Ik zag het ook ineens, haha en ik maar denken dat ze dat wel was ;)

  2. Love all these songs! Good selection. You should check out my blog

  3. nice videos

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