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Trind is a specialist in nail care. Trind itself says it's products contain high quality ingredients who are caring, stimulate growth and make sure your nails grow stronger. It was a pleasure for me to receive a couple of their products to test out for you. I hope you enjoy this review! Click read more to see these beautiful nail polishes and read all about them. Also make sure to like their brand new Facebook page so you won't miss any updates and tips to grow your nails healthy.

These are the nail polishes I received. They are all from their caring line so they all have a specific task for your nails. Time to try them out! 

The first product for me to try out was this Ridge Filler. This smoothing base coat fills ridges to provide an even surface for application of nail lacquer. Make sure your nails are dry before you apply this nail lacquer.

As you can see my nails are quit ribbed from themselves. Especially my thumps. When I applied this ridge filler I immediately saw my nails turning into a flat surface. This will be so handy for applying a nice color on my nails because it protects your nails from changing color and your nails will look better. I personally believe in the magic of this ridge filler. You will clearly see a difference without wearing this base coat before applying any other nail polish. Say bye to all those ridges! This product is €8.08.

The Cuticle balsam is so so adorable. Even though you do not see the color on your nails (obviously) it's so nice. It smells very sweet and fresh and it already feels nice after you applied it on your cuticles for the first time. Sometimes my cuticles can be very dry and even a little bit painful. This balsam moisturizes and keeps my cuticles healthy. Also, this product is oil free which is a plus. When you want to apply nail polish on your nails, it does not make your nails oily and you can apply your nail polish easier.I have used this cuticle balsam for one week now and it really helped my cuticles. It made them stronger and much softer!

So how does this balsam work? You apply it on the cuticles and wait for 2 minutes. Then you need to massage the balsam into your cuticles and nails until it's all dry. After finishing with the nail polish, you just clean the neck of the balsam, and that's it! It's so easy and your nails will really like it! You can buy this balsam for €14.18.

The Nail Repair Matt is a nail lacquer which gives your nails a nice look while at the same time making your nails stronger and flexible. The formula couples the protein molecules together. This is a nail treatment made to use for two weeks. Every day you apply one coat of this repair lacquer on your nails. After two weeks you stop and when needed you apply it again. This lacquer is a little bit more work than the balsams because you need to remove the previous layer with nail polish remover every time you want to apply a new coat. This nail polish is also very good for work because you almost can't see it. It looks very mat. I have used this polish for 1 week now and I am almost satisfied. I feel my nails have less hangnails. You can buy this nail polish for €14.18.

This Nail Brightener feels for me like a top coat which gives your nails shine and which makes sure the natural pink of your nails will shine through. In this picture I wore it on top of the Nail Repair Matt. I must say it gives a beautiful effect. It looks like my nails are very healthy and like I put a lot of effort in it. I will use this more often because it really deepens the color under it. You can buy this lacquer for €14.18. 

The Nail Balsam is another kind of balsam. It's especially developed for brittle and dry nails. It's made on water base and it restores the natural moisture balance. This product is oil free as well so you can apply nail polish on top of it. This balsam is almost the same in use as the other balsam. You only don't apply it on your cuticles, but on your nails. After 2 minutes you massage it into the nails and a little bit on the skin around your nails. Afterwards you can choose to apply a nice color or to leave your nails like that. This Nail Balsam is €14.18.

Next to these caring products, they also sell beautiful colors which are caring as well. The Trind products are available online and in drugstores, perfumeries, department stores, salons and day spa's. Click here to see where you can get your Trind nail polish.

I hope you liked the review, did you ever try a Trind product and did you like it? 

Disclaimer: the weeks previous to reviewing these products, I didn't took care of my nails so the result of this review would not be influenced  by products I've been using before. All opinions stated are honest and my own. I got these nail lacquers from Trind to review for you. 

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