John Beerens Bloggers Event 2013

A few days ago I went to the John Beerens bloggers event in Tilburg and it was totally amazing! We were warmly welcomed with some cupcakes and nice drinks. I met some really nice people, got a lot of beauty goodies and saw collections which are not in the shops yet. Click read more to see!

At the entrance we were divided in four groups. I was group blue, Biosilk. We went to 4 different things. We started at La Fuente. A great hair brand. Did you know La Fuente is actually called like a lake? This nice lady informed us and showed us some products. Their Truffle shampoo contains pure diamond dust and meteorite dust, how cool is that? In the end we all got a product to test and I got this product. Of course, you will see all the reviews later! I can already tell you, these products smelled so good!

Our next stop was MARC INBANE. A guy did a demonstration of their amazing natural tanning spray. It did not look fake at all! It was indeed very very natural and I was amazed by the effect and nice tint it gave. Normally I wouldn't buy something like this because my skin is very pale and it often gives a carrot-like effect. We all got our own spray and glove in the end. This spray certainly didn't give that carrot effect on the other girls so I can't wait to try it out!

Walking down the stairs we arrived at a little beauty place showing the amazing brand Khroma beauty and The New Black. Khroma is the brand of the Kardashians so I was really curious at this brand. Of course they developed it with experts, but that didn't take away their typical glow. All products represent the typical Kardashian-glow. Some people got to test their lipstick and they stayed on all day including lunch, a couple of drinks and a lot of talking!

The New Black is a great nail polish brand. There was a very nice girl who lacquered my nails and made a little nail art on my ring fingers. I think all the lacquers looked very chic and the colors were very deep and pigmented. I only needed two coats for the perfect coverage!

After we were all 'beauty-fulled' we got a little shop and stock tour by the very kind and beautiful Donja. She works at John Beerens for some time now and she did a good job. I loved the look of the shop and the stockroom was clear and organized. We got two products from Waterclouds to try out. Everyone got two products for their hair problem(s). My hair is always very dry and frizzy so I got the Repair Shampoo and the Repair Hair Mask. I already tested it and a review will be up soon!

In the stock we could see all products, also a lot of CHI products. I must honestly tell you, I have never tried anything of CHI before. I knew the brand though. Everybody was very enthusiastic about the brand, so I think I should take a try. Did you ever try anything of CHI before? Were you pleased or unsatisfied with their products?

So, this is something very exclusive for you! This is the new Biosilk line which is not in the shops yet! I love to see exclusive things :) 

A very colorful brand with a lot of amazingly cute-looking products is TIGI. I fell in love with all the cute bottles and the bright colors. I so love the appearance of these products! I just had to take a picture of them. I am really curious if these products are also good for your hair, did you ever try anything from TIGI?
In the break we got a delicious lunch and we went in the party bus of John Beerens. Loud music was playing and their were lights in all colors. I also met Serena from Beautylab in the break. She was very sweet and looks even more beautiful in real life. She asked me how I did my hair and said she really liked it. That made my day :)

After the break we went to the same room we started and Serena gave us some tips for our blogs. Unfortunately there was not that much time so she couldn't finish her story. She told us there was always time to grow, how we could gain visitors, how to write the perfect review and some things about social media. I already knew most things but it was still very helpful to hear it from someone experienced. I love how enthusiastic she was about her profession.

I met Joyce from Beaming Beauty on the event and she was really nice. We went back in the train together and we had dinner at Julia's (omg delicious) on the station. Unfortunately the train I was supposed to catch, didn't show up, the train after that one didn't show up as well, and for the third train the same. I had to wait for almost three hours before I could catch a stop train (instead of a intercity, but better than nothing) to my destination. Sometimes the service isn't that great here. 

The pasta was great btw and I had a nice orange juice with it. My day was amazing and I would like to thank Donja, our guides, the JohnBeerens webshop and all other people who made this event possible. It was amazing, I met great people and learned a lot!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like is brand. This event was very interesting. Keep in touch

  2. Ah, super leuk zeg! Lijken me mooie producten allemaal!

  3. i gotta say... these cupcakes look delicious!

  4. mmm, cupcakes! A nice beginning very interestning event!
    Nice post :)

  5. Echt heel leuk! Super jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn, maar ik blijf nog even genieten in Bosniƫ.

    Kiki / Chicks About Fashion

  6. Dat klinkt echt als een leuke en interessante dag :)

  7. was een gezellige dag he? =) Leuk om jouw verslag te lezen

  8. ziet eruit dat het super leuk was! alles is ook netjes geregeld :D

  9. Het ziet eruit als een super dag, beetje jammer van de NS dan weer -_-'

  10. Leuk verslag, het zag er superleuk uit, mooi verzorgd event.

  11. aah wat vervelend van de trein joh! Echt weer typisch NS. Als ik dat had geweten was ik nog wel even gebleven ;) Vond t erg leuk je te ontmoeten!:)

  12. Amazing pics, I'm sure you had a lot of fun ;)

  13. Heel erg leuk om te zien! Wat erg dat er gewoon drie treinen niet zijn gekomen en je daar bijna 3 uur moest wachten.

  14. Je foto's zijn zo mooi geworden! Leuk je gezien te hebben :D

  15. Wauw, klinkt superleuk! De cupcakes zien er ook lekker uit :)!

    Xjes Femke

    P.s. This week there are, especially for people who like beauty, only beautyposts on my blog:!

  16. Amazing photos ! It must be great ! :)

  17. Het was een zeer leuke dag! Tof dat je in mijn groepje zat ik wist helemal niet dat je van deze blog was :O

  18. Leuke foto's!
    Zag er als een heel leuke dag uit!

    Groetjes Kiki


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