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Recently I have been loving, no, adoring the style of Kylie Jenner. She always looks fashionable and definitely one of my style crushes! When she goes sporting as well as shopping or to a party. She just always looks amazing! That's why I will show you how you can get her look in this post! I made this set and searched for some look-a-likes and also I will show you some inspiration pictures and tell you what things I often see in her outfits. I hope you enjoy! 

I love Kylie's hair so much! It always looks healthy, shiny and it's so long! Actually I always like dark brown hair because it often looks less frizzy in some way. Let's continue with a quick description of her style.

Kylie's style is very trendy and casual. She often wears shorts with a basic top or blouse. I also often catch her with a black nail polish as well. While her outfits are most of the time casual, you can also see her wearing girly outfits. Dresses, skirts and nice prints are in the house!

I really hope you liked this post! I definitely enjoyed writing this post :) Love, Anna

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  1. Ze heeft een mooie en ook echt meisjes achtige stijl! Je samengestelde outfit ziet er erg leuk uit bij haar :)

  2. wow she really does have a great fashion sense. Thanks for all these pictures. :D maybe I can wear similar outfits as that, fingers crossed hopefully it turns out nice on me .. haha.

    xoxo, Joei
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  3. Hey girl, thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm following you on goggle. Love this post and the whole Kardashians family! Keep in touch, new post up..

  4. she is cute! and dresses very well

  5. Wow! Great post! You done excellent job! The photos are magical!

    Katherine Unique

  6. Die bordeauxrode blousje die ze aanheeft is prachtig!

  7. Nice look and pieces!
    Thanks for your last comment :)

    Lots of love!

  8. I love the black bag! its so stylish!
    also i really like kylies sister. theyre both perfect though

  9. Esta genial este estilo habra que probarlo , me encanta ;)

  10. Leuke look, heel simpel maar wel mooi!
    Sowieso toffe foto's trouwens. (:

  11. Amazing!!


  12. Love this post! Such a cute look!

    Carina Hsieh

  13. I love to follow your great blog, great looks too, thanks a lot for your nice comm' .. you are always welcome on my blog too.
    Tanya ♥


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