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Dear friends, followers and other readers,

Yesterday there were a few problems with my blog, but google was so kind to solve it for me. I'm very thankfull to them. So here I am, back again :D I hope you still like/read my blog. I am very happy right now, so a special outfit today for you guys :D

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Shirt ONLY, short ONLY, shoes Birkenstock, bracelet Kruitvat, glasses Vogue

 I am very thankfull to you guys for reading my blog :D You are amazing. Without you this blog would probably not be so good. Love you!

What's in that tree?

There is a huge give away coming soon, so stay tuned. One tip for all of you to guess what I will give away: look into my sidebar :D Second tip: I didn't organize it on my own. I think you can guess it right now. I promiss you that you will like the give away. I will also write some reviews in the future, would you like that? Feel free to comment and argue about it below ;-) It will help me to make the best blog ever for you. Love you!

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  1. Love your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! AND Yes I think we should follow each other. I am following you now... please follow back.

    Much Love,

  2. Very cute photos...love it;) following you


  3. Hi! love your blog! [:-)] I hope we can follow each other's blog [:-)] Will wait for your reply [:-)] articles0naddiction.blogspot.com

  4. la prima foto รจ stupenda!!!!!

  5. Lovely & fun photos, you look great!

    Thanks for following, now following..


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