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Here I am again with my section: meet the bloggers! Today you will read the interview I had with Katie from coeurs de foxes. Her blog is amazing, so much inspiration! I LOVE HER BLOG ♥ I thought this was a great opportunity. She will give you some tips in this interview on how to get a better blog, she tells about what keeps her blogging and more. Thanks Katie!

 1. Why (and when) did you start blogging?
About year ago, I started to run blog. It was about my life and it was rather kind of "photo blog". I added many photos of my life, sometimes my outfits. When school started, I had lots to do, and I didn't add so many posts and then I just decided to close that blog. In may, my older sister asked me, why I don't run fashion blog, that my outfits are genius and I should try it. I was like: me? noo.. I don't think so, I'm boring. There are many girls who do this and they are really good. But after many talks, I've decided to blog. It was June this year. So I think I'm brand new blogger :). My jurney already started...

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2. What keeps you blogging?
My blog is very personal. I add my outfits, posts about my life and everything what's around me. Fashion is my passion :). And I think that this passion keeps me blogging.

3. How did you design your header?
So, I'm very creative and careful. I always must have everything perfect. I was looking for good drawer for long time. I tumblr a lot and I just bump into a girl, who draw models and lady gaga. She loves Lady Gaga. I fell in love with her drawings and I asked her for drawing this for me. Of course, I paid her. She's amazing artist and we both thought how it should look like. I added some pieces, then she told that it looks wrong and it took some time till my header was perfect. It's just me. Skinny girl with super long legs, Cleopatra's hair, big eyes and of course with little kitty next to.

4. Please describe your style.
I think I don't have any styles. I'm just me. When I'm angry, I wear dark clothes and I put dark make up. When I'm happy, I wear colorful clothes. Sometimes I like vintage style, another time I just like goth style. It depends of my inspirations and how I wake up :)

5. Where do you buy your clothes?
I buy my clothes in the net. Here where I live, it's very hard to find something unique. Of course, probably in second-hands, but I don't have so much time to go there so I mostly just order clothes in the net.

6. Who is/are your style icon(s)?
My first thought was Charlotte Free but I think it's something among Charlotte Free, Marina & The Diamonds, Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey. I guess it's something among them all. I have lots of inspirations.

7. How does your blog make progress?
I don't know. It just happened. I visit lots of blogs and I left link to my blog. I think it's only way to get new readers cus if you don't show yourserf then how they can find you?

8. What do you like the most about blogging?
I like adding new posts. I think it's pretty cool, you know. It depends of you what you show and then people see this and write if they like it or not, so I guess that is this.

9. Are there any things you don’t like about blogging?
Yes, I don't like when I write super long post and then it deletes by accident. And yeah, I hate this that there is no time to visit all blogs I wish I could visit.

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10. Do you have any difficulties with finding new topics to post about? Why or why not?
No, as I wrote earlier, I'm very creative and I have lots stuff to write about, but I have no time to do this. I mean, sometimes I would love to do DIY or something, but the day is too short for me and it always finish like outfit post cus it's the easiest.

11. Is it easy to blog and why?
Yeah, I think it's easy. Blog is about you so what's hard may be in this? You just need to be yourself and post stuff which are around you. Everyone is interesting. There is no boring people.

12. What do you think of your readers?
I think they are cute. I started friendships in some of them and they always write me so many lovely stuff, you know. When I read these comments, my heart is always melting, cus I've never thought about myself this way and I've never seen myself this way they see me and yeah. It's pretty nice.

So much beautiful pictures and inspiration <3>
13. Are there any people who help you with your blog?
Yeah, my mum is checking if I make some mistakes when I write in polish and my sister or mum are taking my pictures :)

14. Do you have sponsors for your blog? Yes, what did they sponsor? No, why not?
No, I don't have any :). I don't think this way.. I just blog cus I like it :)

15. What did you do to gain followers?
Visit other blogs.

16. Which interesting blogs do you follow and why?
They are lots interesting blogs. It's obvious. I follow them cus these are interesting and inspiring.

17. Do you have any tips for people who try to create a good blog?
Be yourself and do it with love, no pressure and regulary.

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