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Hair. Some people just seem to have the perfect hair. I don't. When you ask me, I will say I have a bad hair day everyday. Me and my hair get into a fight everyday. My hair is curly, but not enough to be proud about. It looks dry and not so good. That's why I surfed the internet today in the hope to find some tips. I also asked another blogger how she gets her curls so well. You can use these tips with straight or curly hair. Click read more for a help guide. Succes guaranteed :D

1. Invest in a potent curl cream.
When you already have curly hair, this would probably be the only thing you need. You'd best try some different creams and see which one works out best for you. You don't need to put the cream in your hair everyday. Just brush and dampen your curls every day.

2. Say "Yes" to shine & hold water based sprays.
For straight hair: damp, spray, use your hands. You only need to find a spray which is best for your hair.

3. Use flexirods. 
You will get easilly used to them. My sister has straight hair and it works so good! In this little video you can see how to use them. 

4. Use your hands
A good way to create curls is putting your head upside down and knead through your hair in the direction of your scalp. Use a tooth camp. You can also twist your hair around your finger. Put a silk scarf around your hair and remove it after 30 minutes to an hour. Let the rest of the drying process happen naturally. 

5. Use socks: budgetproof!
Twist your wet hair around one of your socks untill you are close to your scalp. Secure it and do the rest of your hair too. Use small pieces of hair. Let it dry and get your socks out. TADAA!


What does the blogger do?
This is Sophie from She has very nice curls. She told me how to create this wonderful hair. "I do not really do a lot with my hair. Before I wash it I use some coconut oil with honey. Then I wash it without using any conditioner. When my hair gets frizzy I use some anti-fluff (dutch: anti-pluis) from Andrelon."

I hope I did help you with this. I was still wondering if you have any more tips about creating the perfect curls. How do you make your hair look so good? 


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  1. we love curls!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the great tips. My hair is so difficult to handle with, but I try it!


    Daria from

  3. Super mooie krullen, ik hou echt van krullen :)

  4. Hi darling!
    Oh, i had curly hair, but now it isn't anymore =(
    Miss my natural hair.


  5. great tips! thanks for sharing!

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc? let me know.
    see you around! xx

  6. I like curls so much but unfortunately they are not for my type of hair (it's too strong and straight. So whatever I do it become straight again)

  7. This is such a great post! I am no good with hair, but I love curling mine. It's the only thing I'm decent at doing, really!

  8. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow...

    Is so beautiful!!!!! GREAT PHOTOS!!! I like it! ALL!


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  9. Hi sweetie!
    Great post, these are great ideas por hairstyle :)
    I'm following you right know!haha

  10. My hair is super straight and is very easy to handle. But curly hairs are so pretty I sometimes wish I had curls too! ;P Kisses***

  11. Your blog is very beautiful. Obviously I'm following you, thank you for the invitation. You can follow mine too!
    I love this hair style... when my hair wants, he have a cool waves, but he is very temperamental and has willingly

    Brilho de Aluguel

  12. Hi!!, Thanks for the tips, kisses

  13. i love curly hair! my hair never stays when i curl it! it always deflates within a few minutes!

    Alexa <3

  14. Lovely curls: I will try to use coconut oil with honey ;)))

  15. I'm your newest follower! hope you can drop by my blog soon. love, L

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  18. Great tips! I love to curl my hair if I have the time. I use a ceramic heated wand.
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  19. Woehh erg leuk. Sophie heeft inderdaad erg mooi haar. x

  20. nice post...
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  21. OMG - I'm going to have to try the sock thing!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  22. I love curls, never heard of the sock method though!




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