London fashion week

Tata Naka
We girls are born for fashion weeks, who doesn't like to join one? In January there is a fashion week in the capital city of my country: Amsterdam. I would love to visit this fashion week. Hopefully I can... Is there, or has been there any fashion week in your country? Did you ever visit one? I am so curious how it is like. When you have joined a fashion week, please fill in the contact form above: I would love to ask you some questions!

I am totally in love with the London style so when I heard of the London Fashion Week I was so excited! I took a look at immediately where I found a designer called Tata Naka. I love every single designer piece of that collection. It's ready to wear (again, I'm sorry), but so lovely! I also would like to show the amazing collections from Ashish and Louise Amstrup.

 The first designer is Taka Naka. I love the pastel colors and the very cute and girly dresses. I have a kind of ice cream feeling when I see these outifts. Maybe because of the colors and the nice shapes of the clothing. I think the 60's hair is amazing! So big and impact-making! What do you think?

The second interesting designer is Louise Amstrup. She has designed a lot of very girly and classy ready to wear outfits. I totally love the colors and the prints. The outfits are very chique and look expensive. The hats are funny details. Do you like? I do!

The last fashion show I want to show you is Ashish. The outfits are very oversized and all the models wear sneakers. I kinda like to sportif and school look from the models, but sometimes they may look a little more happy. The looks are very nerdy with the glasses. I LOVE! I have nerdy glasses myself too. Different things are combined in these outfits and I adore that. You see a lot of letters, glitter, big sunglasses, the models have big knots on their heads with big elastics. What do you think?

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  1. de laatste drie vind ik het leukst!

  2. I am really loving the retro look of so many of the pieces from London fashion week! That mint coloured dress is so cute!

  3. Lovely collections!!!!!

  4. wonderful pictures ;)
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  6. love the first dresses

  7. Wonderful collections!, In Spain has been the fashion week. xoxo

  8. Great post and very nice blog :)
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  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW...Very interesting!

  10. In my country, unfortunately there is no fashion week, at least, it does not I heard about it. A regret I had was that I'd go with the desire :)

    From now on I'm a new follower :)

  11. thank's for sharing!
    Love your blog and I'm your new follower for sure!

  12. Hola guapa!!
    Oooohhh perfecto!!!!

  13. Wish I could buy everything!!!!!!!!!! O.O

  14. Love love love all the bright colors happening! Fashion weeks are so fun. Great post.


  15. left dress is pretty :)

  16. Wow, lovely blog! Definitely followed! xo


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