Birthday :)

Hello my friends!

Yesterday (25th of February) was my birthday. I became 15. We were still on our holiday in Zwitserland (skiing). We went skiing untill something like 1:15 PM and then we went back to our hotel in Zermatt. It was a very nice holiday but this day we had to go home again :(

All the roads were closed because of the many many avalanches and the train didn't ride so we went to the airport by helicopter. It was so cool! It was the first time for me and the take off was very spectacular. I liked it very much and the pilot became half crazy because of us talking so much (we all got a set of headphones with talking part), so he switched to another channel.

When we went into the plane half an hour later, I received a birtday card from Netjets which was very nice! I also got a very nice cake. I really felt that it was my birthday at that moment XD

Unfortunatly, I couldn't eat it. I am still holding on to that €1000 if I don't eat candy for a year. Right now this cake is in the refrigerator. Maybe I can try to arrange that I can have a piece as a desert... But still, I really think this is very kind of this airline! Thank you Netjets!

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  1. Nog gefeliciteerd! Welliswaar 2 dagen te laat, maar beter laat dan nooit! Wat een heerlijke taart! haha, ach voor je verjaardag mag je hem toch wel even eten? haha!


  2. Nog van harte gefeliciteerd! Die taart is gaaf!

  3. die taart is echt super mooi! En ik ben suuuper trots op jou dat je de verleiding kon weerstaan om die op te eten :)

    P.S. ik ga nu je hele blog onder spammen omdat ik eindelijk reacties kan plaatsen =D


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