Hippe Hebbedingetjes

Lovely friends,

I ordered for the first time something on this site: www.hippe-hebbedingetjes.nl
They really really did a very good job!
I ordered a cup cake soap, air freshener and a lip smacker. I like them all. But only the soap isn't very handy with the washing. But it all looks very cute.
I only had a little problem with the service. But when I told the owner of the shop about it. She directly sended me a new one (the other one I didn't achieve). I really did appreciate that!
It's very nice, very cheap and if you deliver something before monday you even get free delivering (only when you live in the netherlands). They have lots of good, cool and fun stuff on their website. This shop really does honor to it's name. Next time I will really buy something again because it's sooo good and cheap!
So if you have any spare time, check out this site!

This is the box how it's delivered.  It's really felt like a present!

"enjoy your purchase and happy to see you next time"

Card of hippe hebbedingetjes

Air freshener is turned into a delicious cupcake mmm.... (€3,95)

This really does taste good! It's a very nice lip smacker! For €1,95 !

This is the soap (the white on top of it is smelling like coconut) and it smells very good! It's only €2,95!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke webshop, leuke dingen heb je ook besteld dat zeepje ziet er echt schattig uit ^^

    Liefs Manon

  2. Hha, dat zeepje ziet er uit om op te eten :)

    Die cupcake is echt gaaf <3


  3. I really like that stuff!!! smile :D


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