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Hello my friends,

Today I went to school. Everything went fine and I could even leave an hour earlier then expected! Thanks to my french teacher :) Now, I've thought of something. I was searching on the internet for some inspiration to write about when I suddenly saw an advertisement of pictures where people were showing their style. I like it very much to see the style of other people too and I got some inspiration out of it.

I've thought out something for you. It will help your blog becoming more famous. Curious how it works? Read more!

The idea is that everyone sends me a picture with his/her style. You put on an outfit who fits best with your style. Then you take a picture from it. At last you send the picture to:

If you want to promote your blog, send the name of the blog with it. Don't worry if you don't have a blog! Your blog name is not required. You can also tell a little bit about your blog/yourself. I will put that text with the picture and the blog name in a post.

Post a reaction to this post. Mention that you join this "idea" and tell what you think of it.


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  1. leuk idee! ik vroeg me af of je mijn kaart al hebt gekregen? volgens mij heb ik hem maandag al op de post gedaan...

  2. Nice looks! :) Thanks for the comment, I follow via Bloglovin only :> I'm your second follower there! ^^

    - Indie by Heart


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