I Designed A Dress For School

For our final art project at school we had to choose two out of six projects and do them. I immediately picked the fashion design task, without thinking any further. Believe me, it was so much fun to do, but I can't sew, we don't have a sewing machine at home and my grandmother lives on the complete opposite side of our country. So I had to figure that out. I sew an elastic using the zigzag technique on the inside of the skirt by hand, which was the most difficult thing ever. I made some sort of corset from nettings and covered it up with tin foil. I made a skirt on top of the pink one with iron wire and wadding. Luckily it turned out pretty okay. Even though I had many great other plans with the skirt which kind of failed :D

We had to chose a city for this task. I chose Milan. We also had to take pictures on this location, but hellowww that's impossible. So I Photoshopped it. and it was so incredibly difficult to Photoshop the skirt, so I'm sorry for my failing skills haha xD

Thanks Esther for being my friend and model! :D

Did you ever have to design fashion for school? What do you think of my design? Let me know in the comments!

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