Spotify Headphones || NEW IN

I was certainly in need for some good headphones and that's why I was more than happy when I got these Spotify headphones today! I couldn't wait to try them out so I immediately took some shots for this post and believe me the sound was amazing! They are all black and just have some green details according to their logo. I'm in love with the sound experience and they look pretty cool as well!

This set included two different cables. A smaller and a larger one so you can decide which one you want to bring with you or use at home! 

There is a nice bag with this headphone set so you can easily and safely store your headphones! The zipper is really big by the way: me like!

They are also very practical since they have a bigger and smaller input in one. 

I'm very thankful for getting these as a gift! What are your favorite headphones? Tell me in the comments!

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