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Hi guys! I recently wrote about my spring essentials and about how excited I am for spring. Unfortunately the weather isn’t great, so I have to wait with wearing my spring outfits. I seriously can’t wait to wear my converse shoes, white jeans and denim jackets.. This jacket I wore kinda reminds me of Spring though, the color is really cute as well as the print. I took these pictures in an incredibly beautiful building, it’s so clean and minimalistic. You can’t see it on these pictures, but I was on the 11th floor which was quite scary! Let’s have a look at my outfit.

The jacket is quite an eye catcher, especially because of the print, but I think the colors balances that. I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple. A burgundy colored tee, which matches the red feathers on the jacket. These jeans are my absolute favorites, I think distressed jeans just give that extra touch to an outfit. My booties are also all time favorites, Chelsea boots are definitely must haves in your closet. To match the black boots I wore this hat, hats go along with almost any outfit and just give that fashionable look + they are great for bad hair days.

The jacket is the main ‘ingredient’ of the outfit, it makes it more special. Bombers are still hot this season, I really love them. They give that casual and urban vibe to an outfit.  You can find them everywhere right now, a nice black bomber is still high on my wishlist! What do you think about bomber jackets? / Jill


Shirt- H&M
Jacket- Scotch & Soda
Jeans, hat, shoes- Primark

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  1. Totally charmed by this fresh spring look!the feathers are just too cool!

    Glad to have you in my reading list! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  2. Prachtige foto's en ook een hele gave outfit!

  3. Prachtige outfit! Je hebt zo'n leuke stijl :)

  4. Love your style! Super mooie foto's ook!

  5. You are gorgeous, I love your boots and the jacket.


  6. All look fantastic together! Love your jeans!

    Enjoy my latest post:

  7. Oh dat jasje is zo mooi! Hoedjes zijn inderdaad perfect voor een bad hair day...
    X Emma

  8. Great outfit!
    Love the feathers...


  9. pretty. i like your outfit.



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