Get ready with me for the queensday fair!

Hey guys, it has already been half a month ago since it was queensday and I thought it would be nice to publish my 'get ready with me' video which I filmed that day (April 30). I went to the fair with a couple of friends and even though there weren't many special attractions, we had a fun time. It's not about the attractions, the money, how much things you can do, but with who you spend it.

In this video you will be getting ready with me for the fair and I'm wearing an orange shirt in a fashionable way :) I hope you like the video, I would like to hear you opinions!

Love, Anna

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  1. Great job with your video!


  2. <3<3 great video darling.... well done!!!!!!

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    great video!!

  6. Leuk filmpje om te kijken :D moet je vaker doen!

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