Scents of Beauty App Release

Scents of Beauty recently released their new iPad app and I love it so much! You can visit the app link here. You can also just search in your App store. I actually already liked Scents of Beauty before, but this app shows some extras which are not on their site which is really cool.
What is Scents of Beauty?
Scents of Beauty is an online web shop which sells mainly perfumes, but also lots of other beauty products. I really like it that they show the regular price and than the price they offer. This way you can see exactly how much sale you get when you buy it at their shop. They have always sale, every time on different products.

For example the Armani Acqua di gio (100 ml) is right now €24,35 cheaper than it's in the shops. Amazing, right? I smelled this perfume in the last Teen Vogue and it's amazing! It's really fresh and I love it so much! I do not have an expensive perfume like this one and I thought about buying one for a very long time. They last so much longer than the cheap and fake ones and I looooove the smell! Do you think I should buy this perfume?

The App
So, Scents of Beauty released an app. I had a little interview with the creators of the app. They said they made the app because they want to show their products and give their clients more information about the products and promotions they offer. They really focused on putting their products in the spotlight and if you visit the app, you will find promotions which are not on their web shop.

I checked out the app and I really like the layout of it. Below you can see a few screenshots of the app.


The app is build up like a magazine and you can browse through it. It looks really nice and the layout is so pretty!

What do you think of the iPad app and are you going to download it? You can find the app by clicking HERE.You can also type this in the App Store: Scents of Beauty

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