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Hi Guys, How are you all doing today? I hope the weather in your country is just as nice as it's here. Which means: sun's arrived and the flowers are (finally) growing. I have the real spring feeling right now which is awesome.

In this post I will show you two adorable web shops I recently discovered: Persunmall and the other Persunmall web shop. They sell the most gorgeous stuff out there. If you like you can check it out by clicking on the links or read more for more!

For this post I picked out my spring favorites from Persunmall and, since prom is coming soon, my favorite prom dresses from the other Persunmall web shop which sells only special occasion dresses.

First lets talk about my favorite spring items. This floral dress totally gives me a spring feeling because of the flower-like print. It's really happy and colorful which I like. The white and black striped tank top is so adorable because I love this pattern. You can pimp up any outfit by adding a spikey bracelet or these super adorable floral Dc. Martens! I love them soooo much! I also think these cat loafers are too cute for spring and omg you guys. Check out the lace details on this little denim gilet. I also fell in love with this polka dotted blouse since polka dots make me so so happy. Finally this amazing pair of jeans stole my heart.

Now let's continue with the prom dresses. I'm so so so excited to show these amazing dresses to you! They absolutely stole my heart. They are so girly and cute and the best thing is: you can choose a color that you like. If you check out the shop you will see that each dress has a lot of options on colors. Too good to be true, right?!

After searching for my favorites on their shop, I came to the conclusion that I love dresses with glitters on the chest and that the rest of the dress is a flawless piece of fabric. I totally love these dresses because they are unique and they make you look so stunning. 

| Chic Flower | Glittery Black | Coral Cuteness | Pink Fringe | Black is Back | Pretty Pink
The first dress you see here is a very nice and girly dress. It has a bit of an edgy band around the waist with a huge black flower. I really like the shape of the off-white dress. The feeling I get of this dress is very chic.

Oh my god, this second dress totally blew me away (in a good way ;-)). I love it so so much! I would definately purchase it myself because I really really like the shape and I think the glitters on top totally fit with the dress. The only thing I don't like as much is that the dress is black. But that's the good thing about Persunmall because they allow you to change the color on their web shop which is a huge advantage I think.

It is that long dresses don't look the best on me, but I love this long dress soo much. Normally I do not really fall for long dresses but this one has stolen my heart. I totally love the color and I think it looks so cute together with the band around the waist and (again) the glitters on top. Another really good thing is that the price is totally affordable. Check it out here. It's amazing, right?!

Now I would like to show you this amazing pink dress. I think this one is so cute and very chic. It has the glitters and some fringe-like pink fabric flowing around the body. This one would be so original (I guess nobody will have a dress this amazing) and you would rock it with prom!

The last black dress I would like to show you guys is this one. I think it's so adorable eventhough I would not wear this to my prom. I think it flows out a little bit too much at the bottom and I prefer to wear a non-black dress to my prom.

Then we are getting to this really cute and girly dress. This is what I call a LPD (instead of a LBD). It's just a girly dress for a really girly girl!

| White Angel | Soft Pink |
The last two dresses I would like to show you guys are these two. I love how cute they both are and I love the soft colors. The colors remind me of spring. On both dresses you will find back the glitters on top, only this time they are originally proceeded. I love them both!

I hope you guys liked this post. If you are interested in more cheap prom dresses don't hesitate to visit this link. Thank you so much for reading my post.

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  1. love their clothes!

  2. Alles op de eerste foto is zo leuk! Toevallig heb ik dat gestreepte blousje. :) De jurkjes zijn voor mezelf wel té girly. Maar ze zijn wel leuk!

  3. Dat jurkje, die polkadot blouse en gilet! <3 (Eerste foto :)).

    Liefs, Mariette

  4. SO SEXY!!!
    Y like thouse pink dresses :)

  5. Love the dress, vest, pants and shirts :)

  6. Mooie collage:), de armbandjes zijn leuk!

  7. Ik ben niet zo'n jurkjes fan, maar de dot's blouse en de stoere armbanden vind ik wel echt heel gaaf!

  8. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and facebook??
    Hope to see you soon on my blog.

  9. Zitten echt hele mooie jurkjes bij!

  10. Die armbanden van H&M zijn inderdaad heel leuk!

    1. Oh, ik zie nu pas dat dit niet de versie van H&M is. Anyway, de armbanden zijn tof!


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