Not-Standard Christmas Gift Ideas

The time of the year his come that all of us get pretty much broke. In this month we buy tons of presents for our family and friends and it's definitely a good thing to think about someone else besides yourself. However, it might be a challenge to find something nice for everyone and you don't want to give a 'boring' giftcard or body gel. That's why I thought it would be nice to show you some non-standard gift ideas! It's kind of like a gift guide for women. Let me know if I should do such a Christmas gift guide for men as well! 

My first tip would be Happy Socks. They are available in tons of colors, sizes and patterns and of course they have all kinds of bright and happy colors. They are a little bit above my average socks price, but they are definitely worth it and they make the receiver happy for sure! 

Recently I discovered WildFlower and their phone cases and gosh I'm in love. Check out this 'YEET' phone case or any of their other ones. Other cool gift ideas would probably be a silver ring or just these simple earrings. They are versatile and look so chic!  

To get extra cozy during winter go for some cozy knitted slippers or a blanket which you can hug when you're cold. Also a Starbucks takeout cup is so cute and definitely suitable for a Starbucks-lover.

For beauty and fashion lovers go for a beautiful purse or bag, a nice perfume or this lipstick from MAC. I recently discovered their color 'Diva' and it's perfect for winter, I promise. Finally, what's better than securing your memories with this lomography photo camera? They are all amazingly cute and take some pretty vintage-style photos: awesome! 

Which idea do you like best? Do you have any other tips for anyone struggling to find presents? Tell us in the comments!

- XOXO Anna

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