Movie Watch List For The Colder Days

Everybody knows the cold weather-feeling. It's cozy, it's nice, it's a fireplace, it's friends and of course it's watching movies as well. Today I thought it would be nice to create a movie watch list for the winter time. It will totally help you get that cozy feeling of togetherness. It would also be so much fun to invite your friends over and have a movie night or sleepover with your favorite winter-ish movies. Which one is your favorite?

This is probably the movie you've heard about most. It came out last year and it's for many a favorite. Honestly, I've never seen this movie. I really want to see it this year. Usually I don't watch cartoons, just the real-life footage, but I'd love to try this one out! Have you ever seen it? Is it that good?

As I just told you, I'm not a big fan of cartoons. However, there is an ice-movie I really love. I am so in love with the ice age movies! I love the funny storyline and cuteness. What's your favorite winter cartoon movie? 

Another movie I totally love is 'The Holiday'. Apart from Cameron Diaz' always perfect acting skills, I really love the story and feeling in this movie. The end will definitely make you feel good and it's taking place at Christmas, just to make you feel extra beloved.

If you are not interested in watching any chickflicks or cartoons during winter, 'Maleficent' might be a movie to be on your watch list. It's the 'untold' part of the classic 'Sleeping Beauty'. It's not specifically about winter, nor Christmas, but it is about the deeper feelings of Christmas like forgiveness and true love. I also love the actress Elle Fanning. 

One of my ultimate favorite movies is 'Confessions of a shopaholic'. It's based on the Sophie Kinsella book and I'm totally in love with her books as well. They are extremely hilarious and you must definitely read all of them! Last year I read mini-shopaholic which is one of my favorites!

These were my favorites! What are you favorite movies for the colder days? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Awesome list! I need to watch Confessions of a shopaholic! :))

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  2. Oeh Narnia, dat vind ik altijd echt zo'n kerstfilm om met de hele familie te kijken als het buiten sneeuwt! En Ice Age blijft natuurlijk ook gewoon leuk haha. :)

  3. And I like to watch Se and the City or Devil Wears Prada)


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