Christmas DIY Advent Calendar

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy (but also really cute) DIY. We’re going to make an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. I’ve used stuff everyone has at home, so that won’t be a problem. I guess everyone is looking forward to Christmas, so this must be a fun DIY for everyone. It will never be as great as the original advent calendars, but it will look more beautiful and cute. You don’t have to stick to the steps I take. You can also use other things, this is just a setup. I hope you like it and let’s start.

These are the things you need:
- Elastic bands
- Envelops
- A thick black pen (or in another color, whatever your prefer)
- Paperclips or something similar
- Thin sticks   

Alright, when you have the stuff you need, you are going to number all of the envelopes from 1 to 25. With the open side up.


After you’re finished, we’re going to take the paperclips or whatever you use and we connect the envelopes in order, Like this:


It’s smart to make rows of just 5 envelopes each, because 10 in one row wouldn’t look so fancy.
Then we need to put something in the envelopes, of course. What kind of advent calendar would it be if there were no presents in it? You can either put a quote for each day in it, ideas or just classic; candy (that’s what I would do). But watch out for candy without paper, because they could melt and it would be one big disaster.


When you’ve put all of the mini-presents in the envelopes, you grab the sticks and fasten them underneath the flap of the envelope. Then also grab two elastics for each row and fasten those at the ends of the stick. Like this you make two handles which you can use to hang them anywhere.
Spread  the different rows all over the house, in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, dinner room and kitchen. In this way, it would cheer up the house a bit and it will be an adventure to find them, every day. 

Some people already have their Christmas tree standing in their house. Are you one of those people as well? Why won’t you hang the 25th advent calendar item in there? That would look so cute!

Are you looking forward to Christmas and how do you celebrate it?

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