Three ways to style shorts during fall

Fall is already here, and I’m still deciding whether I sell my sweaters and buy some new ones, or if I just keep them where they are now, in my closet. I love my sweaters, just like my shorts. Even though people assume that they are only for summer, or spring, I wear shorts just as much as my sweaters. They are so cute, and with some tights underneath them, you’re all set for the cold weather. But how do I style them? (And yeah, don’t tell anyone, but I already bought a new pair last week).

Perfect School day

| Sweater H&M | Blouse Men at work | Shorts American Apparel | 
 | Knee high socks Market | Boots H&M | Headband Primark |
Starting of with my favorite, the coziest one, and in this outfit, you will still look like you have made a lot of effort. You’ll look so cute! It’s actually all about detail. The collar, which is just popping out of the sweater (and you don’t have to worry about your necklace!) the knee high socks, which give you a warm and nice feeling, and give you the school uniform looks

| Cropped sweater American Apparel | Shorts American Apparel |
| Socks Market | Boots H&M |
Wait. What? You are wearing a croptop? Your’re wearing croptops and shorts together in fall? Yes. I am. But I’m wearing the cropped sweater, and this is an fluffy one actually. Both are huge trends right now, so I you buy a fluffy (cropped) sweater, you are all set for this winter!  It so fluffy I am gonna die.

Trenchcoat Zara | Blouse Berskha | Shorts Primark |
| Boots River Island | Headband Primark |
Sometimes you have those days when you want have a different look. For me, I like dressing up once in a while, and put some clothes on that make me look a little bit more chic. When you look at these shorts (this is the pair I bought last week!), the first thing that will pop up into your head, is the word chic. Am I right? I paired these with my trench coat, my white blouse (must have!) and some thinner tights. (Optional: pair this outfit with your favorite cardigan, because we have to keep ourselves warm!)

Very exciting all this, because this is my very first article on FashionAnna! I have my own blog though, but it is in Dutch, so I hope my English is readable/understandable ;). I’ll speak to you soon, girls! (next week I guess.) Can’t wait!

How do you style your shorts in fall/winter time? (Tell me! I’m very curious :) )


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  1. Haha ik zag echt zo die foto's en ik dacht 'whuuttt da's Naomi!!' Lol ik wist helemaal niet dat jij hier blogde, ik volg dit blog ook nog niet zo lang haha.
    Maar wat een leuke outfits allemaal, je hebt zo'n onwijs gave style<3
    X Emma

  2. Ahh ik dacht al, ik ken jou nog niet toen ik in mijn blogfeed keek. Maar wat gave outfits joh!
    Ik vind de eerste vooral leuk! Waar is die sjaal van als ik vragen mag?
    Keep blogging

    x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

  3. Love all those looks <3 Leuke post ook!

    Liefs Nora /

  4. LOVE your outfit ideas with shorts
    great style

  5. Gave outfits! Die jas in de 2e outfit: geweldig!

  6. Love the last one!!!
    Have a great weekend

  7. Wij gaan kijken, zien we de foto's, samen in koor "hey, huh dat is Naomi!". haha wisten niet dat je hier blogde. Super leuke outfits. Lieeefs

  8. Superleuk Naomi! Hele gave outfits ♥ X

  9. Love the look doll!!! You look gorgeous!
    Check out my page for similar looks! I think you’d love it! <3

    -xoxo, Jessi


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