Top 5 Heels & Dresses

 Hello guys! Today I’m going to show you my top 5 shoes & dresses. These are the dresses I love the most and the shoes I think are the prettiest. The most parties are in the winter time, so dresses are very useful in this season. I always wear dresses during Christmas and new years’ eve, always. Nothing is more elegant with a dress than heels. The heels give it much more class and your body looks so much prettier (in my opinion). Let’s take a look at my favorites!



The first dress is this salmon pink. It has an High-low skirt and I really love this dress. I wore it to a wedding last year and I felt magical.

Forever 21

This dress has the most amazing fit of all the dresses I have ever worn. It has a turtle neck and has a super cute belt. I wear this a lot in the summer times, but also in the colder season (with panties)!

Forever 21

Every girl needs a little black dress. You can wear this whenever you want and combine it with whatever you want.


This is the dress I wore to my first prom. I wanted a green dress so badly and when I found this one, I was stunned. I like the lace, the skirt and the color so much!

Forever 21

This white dress is also very cute. I like the shape and the very plain white colour. You can wear this dress in every season, but I really prefer it for summer (when you have a gorgeous tan).



These first white heels are real classics. I like them for their old-fashioned touch and they fit underneath a lot of different styles.

Forever 21
These leopard ones are really cool. I love them with whole my heart and I love wearing them with black clothes. They ROCK!


These heels are very shiny (hehe) and I have already worn them a lot. They are very festive.


Classic again. Everyone needs a pair of nude heels. You are able to wear them with really anything. Search for the perfect pair that has the same skin color as you!

Shoe Factory

These heels are really comfortable and I really like wearing them. I don’t wear much heels at the moment, because I’m in my sneaker period. But when I wear heels, these ones are my homies.


These where my top 5 for heels and dresses. Do you wear dresses or heels? Let me know!

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