Thursday Question: Personal Stylist Or Not?

Hay! I'm very excited to announce a brand new section in this blog: the Thursday question! From now on I will have a new interesting question every Thursday. Today we can discuss about online personal stylist services. There are not many online personal stylist services yet, but what if you could make use of this service totally for free? If you would ONLY need to pay for the clothes you keep, would you make use of such a service? Or do prefer to style yourself? I'm really curious at your answers.

I think I would like to make use of such a service every once in a while if I found a great one. It would save me time and I'm curious how professionals would style me. Maybe they have totally different ideas for me which can help me develop my style even further. However, I also still like to dress myself (obviously, since I'm a fashion blogger).

If the service was free, would you make use of an online personal stylist service?

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